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Australia is a recognized country to pursue graduation or post-graduation in psychology. Its high-quality education draws the attention of many international students and will open a new world of opportunities. The outlook for the psychological industry is positive. No degree is easy in university, and no matter which psychology you take, you have to be persistent. It only requires focusing on lectures, exams, final thesis and coursework.

Course Highlights

Graduates of psychology can offer services in different aspects such as hospitals and by providing mental health facilities, in schools and can practice private, human and welfare support, in marketing and advertising, and incorporation and goals setting regarding daily life.

If you're looking forward to becoming a psychologist in the future, you should consider Australia because Australia is in demand for a psychologists in the current era. In Australia, you'll see an excellent research environment, as Australia is growing itself in terms of education.

Psychology helps people with what they act and how they're doing. It also helps you make better decisions, manage stress and behaviour, and predict a better future in aspects of your past.

Upcoming Intakes for Psychology

  1. Applicants are invited to submit their documents to "Deakin University."

Asap before the deadline. In this university, you'll get exposure to neuroscience and psychopathology. (Bachelor program)

Deadline: before 26 June 2022

    2. At 'Griffith university', One of the nominated institutions.

  • You can apply for a bachelor's in psychological science.
  • University offers admission twice a year. You may start in July and November 2022. And can also for Bachelor in psychology (Honors).
  • And can start in November 2022 by applying now. 

Best Universities in Australia for Psychology

Many high-rated universities offer applications from September to January. Psychology is a discipline with immense scope and can cross boundaries between natural and social sciences. Biologic factors, social pressure and environmental issues can affect the psychological study. It includes scientific research and clinical means of applied practices in clinics, organizational psychology, behavioural management and counselling, which we mentioned earlier in the course highlights.


Qs Ranking

Fee in AUD

Course offered

Flinders university



Bachelor in psychology

University of Melbourne


46k almost

BS psychology

University of Sydney



Different psychology an aspect

Australian national university



BS psychology Hons

University of new castle



BS psychology applied

Monash university



Masters in psychology

The University of Queensland



Psychology (behavioural management)

Macquarie university



BS  and Masters level for psychology

Eligibility Criteria for Psychology in Australia

When you send an application, your qualification is assessed by the Australian psychological society before confirmation.

For Bachelor: Applicants from different streams can enter the psychology program in Australia.

  • Applicants must have completed intermediate education (10+2) from their respective country board with at least 55% marks.
  • Your IELTS score must be above 6 for better impact and confirmation of admission. IELTS replacement is TOEFL. Both are English language tests.
  • You should also meet the university's other demands at the time of entry if a university has an entrance test, you must have to pass that test also.

For Masters level: A four-year bachelor's degree or three years of psychology degree with a one-year related additional program. (Having a minimum of 7 GPA out of 10)

Eligibility to work as a professional and licensable psychologist

Planning to Study in Australia? Must Read Articles:

Admission Procedure

Australia recently assessed international students' academic qualifications. To find out about the assessment. The results of this assessment will be considered by the Board in determining whether you have done your bachelor's in psychology or not. International applicants also need to provide proof of English language proficiency. After accepting the admission letter, international students must apply for an Australian student visa.

Documents Required

  1.  For student visa: Attach the following documents:
    • University's confirmation letter for admission
    • Provide medical history or insurance
    • Show a bank statement of the amount required by the university
    • Extra funds evidence
    • English proficiency language test scores or bands if IELTS
  1. University admission fee: 100-150 AUD
  2. Visa application fee: 500 above AUD almost
  3. IELTS fee: 350 AUD
  4. TOFEL fee: 300 AUD
  5. Airfare: varies according to different airlines
    • A valid passport
    • Medical insurance

The above-mentioned price ranges are not exact and may vary for different reasons.

Cost of Studying Psychology in Australia

The cost of studying psychology in renowned Australian universities is approximately 40k AUD and varies from university to university and state to state.

  • Becoming a registered psychologist in Australia requires almost six years, and it costs virtually 8-10k AUD yearly, including your bachelor's and Master's level fee (approximately).
  • And when you include your rent, groceries and other daily expenses, it's a lot.

Studying Psychology in Australia with Scholarship

You can also study psychology at the bachelor's and master's levels in Australia with a fully or partially sponsored scholarship, OR if you haven't gotten a scholarship, you may get a stipend from the university and can manage your daily living expenses.

Many universities offer scholarships for psychology and different sub-related psychology diplomas or fields.

  • Full scholarship includes your tuition fee, travel allowance, living expenses, establishment allowances, etc.
  • A partial scholarship sometimes includes your part of the tuition fee and other expenses.
  • Stipend means university gives you monthly money. And sometimes provides you with scholarships based on your academic record.






La Trobe university

$2000 AUD

Third and fourth-year undergraduates


Department of psychology and counselling

Monash university

$5000 AUD

For Australian citizens


BS psychology

Queensland University of Technology

$4000 AUD

For internship


PhD in psychological stress

University of Wollongong

Thirty per cent reduction in tuition fee

International students


Bachelor’s in psychology

Swinburne University of technology

For the first two academic years

International students



(PhD license lab)

Curtin university


International and local students


PhD psychology

and related research field

Job Prospects After Psychology in Australia

The need for psychologists increased day by day in Australia, and the expected growth is 20 per cent in the coming five years. These opportunities stay in three leading firms

  • Research and teaching
  • Science- services position
  • Applied (treating patients) at clinics

If you have good analyzing and interpersonal skills, you will be rewarded in both the science and extracurricular fields.

As a psychology graduate, you can work in the following aspects:

  1. Clinical psychologist
  2. Counselling psychologist
  3. Clinical trial coordinator
  4. Human resources manager
  5. Forensic psychologist
  6. Child psychologist
  7. Developmental psychologist
  8. Legal and compliance psychologist
  9. Recreational therapist
  10. Case manager
  11. Occupationally therapy management
  12. Career counsellor

If you pursue arts and science as a significant aspect of psychology, you can frame your ideal career by advertising and integrated marketing in this aspect. If you are interested, then internships have a significant impact on this.

  • If you become a sales representative, try to learn new things and take classes about behavioural management. In short, learn social psychology and its implementation, and work on personality building.
  • If as a child care worker, start working in pre-school or after school programs and try to open your child care centre.
  • If you are a research assistant, try to find a place in your university and join the research team, work in a psychology lab and participate in globally-oriented research.
  • If you have done your bachelor's, go for Masters while working in the forenamed aspects. You must have creativity, critical thinking, written skills, and an understanding of how to observe individual human behaviour.
  • A psychologist's annual pay in Australia is around $95,000 AUD.

Job profiles

Salaries in AUD

Senior psychologist

111k AUD per year

Psychologist at the University of Sydney (as a professor)

129k AUD per Year

Advance health care

116.5k AUD per year

Mental health technician

88.1k AUD per year

School psychologist

98.3k AUD per year

Psychologist counsellor

72k AUD per year

Forensic psychologist

80k AUD per year

Student Visa Procedure

If you are going for a more extended period, you have to go through the process of a student visa. But if you are going for some language course or some short-term program, you can use a tourist visa. Here we will discuss the student visa procedure because psychology requires a long time to complete.

  • Apply to a university and get a CoE (CoE is confirmation of enrollment which you want in your initial steps of visa application. This means you have to enrol yourself in university first, and then after verification, With the assistance of CoE, you can apply for a visa).
  • Create an account with the Australian immigration authority
  • It would help if you had all of your documents in digital scanned form. (all the documents are listed above)
  • Complete the visa application form (student visa subclass 500). You should complete this almost four months before your enrolled program starts.
  • Pay the fee and get the TRN number (transaction reference number). It may be helpful because you can check your application status worth this number.
  • Health check-up and interview
  • Get your decision
  • Travel to Australia.

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