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Part-Time Jobs in Australia for International Students

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Blog Summary Find part-time job options for international students in Australia. Enhance your student experience and support your living expenses.
Part time Jobs in Australia

There are different types of jobs to do. Australia offers a crystal-clear version of life and a range of part-time jobs to make it comfortable for you. For beginners, Australia is a land with many doors where you can get a good start and do some of the activities you love while continuing your studies. Working part-time is important for family-oriented individuals – especially those who give importance to the opportunity to pick up their children from school. Furthermore, part-timers may save on daycare expenses, exceeding the extra money earned by working full-time. Many students work on construction sites while studying civil engineering, and construction is an emerging job in 2023 in Australia.

Benefits of Part-Time Jobs in Australia

Thanks to part-time work, you can devote time to your studies. There will be less stress and better flexibility. You can also improve your time management skills. Part-time workers are entitled to annual leave and sick leave during their work hours. Another great benefit is that you can get a job on a contract and go after the contract if you like. Australia has an excellent economy. There is no doubt that Australia's currency is robust and stable globally.

In short, you'll get pension benefits. You'll get personal insurance at the workplace. You'll have numerous visa options. You may have a great chance of getting a residency permit. Other benefits include that you can get interaction with more people of different nationalities. It means you have got global exposure in a single place. You can try to learn other languages from them. You have less stress and improved mental health status. If you have found a job near your campus, you can also save on your transportation costs.

Working as a full-time employee gives you a gateway to more significant opportunities.

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Types of Part-time Jobs in Australia

Working as a full-time employee gives you a gateway to more significant opportunities.

Types of part-time jobs

  1. Casual employee
  2. Permanent employee
  • Ordinary/casual employee

Everyday work is done as required by his employer. He has no access to the sick and annual leaves. He has no right to work overtime. You may be fired from your job at any time without notice. They have high income levels due to a lack of access to leave.

  • Full-time employee

A full-time employee has a fixed-hours job legacy and is entitled to sick and annual leave. They are entitled to almost the same protocols as a full-time employee.

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On-Campus Part-Time Jobs

One can work as a:

  1. Teacher
  2. University's store manager
  3. University's coordinator

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs

You'll be able to work as a:

  1. As a retailer in supermarkets and department stores
  2. Uber driver
  3. At fuel pump
  4. At restaurants (as a waiter or as an administrator)
  5. Farming (as Australia has agricultural land)

Uber's driver job: The average Uber driver's hourly pay in Australia is almost $30 AUD. To become an Uber driver, you must be

  1. 21 years old
  2. Have a vehicle that completes Uber's requirements
  3. You should have a license from the state in which you're living
  4. If you have a full Australian driver's license. Then it takes almost 3 to 7 weeks to start your rides as an Uber driver.
  5. Uber's drivers keep 75% of the total weekly salary, and the rest, 25%, goes to the tax sales department.
  6. You can drive Uber with an international license in only certain cities.
  7. Driving Uber is considered your own business, so you have an Australian business number.

Retailer job: As a cashier, sales associate, store manager, buyer, visual merchandiser, cleaning and maintenance, customer service manager, and security guard. To find a job, first, explore your market. Find roles and skills in demand in 2022 in the Australian territory where you're living. Speak to local people and learn about their culture. Strengthen your resume and cover all the requirements. Now be ready to take a step.

At fuel pump: At a fuel pump or gas station, you can work as a gas station manager, customer service representative (CSR), and cashier. Different roles have different salaries. Fuel pump jobs are in high demand in 2022. A person working in a fuel or gas station is known as a 'gas jockey'. Petrol attendant has different tasks to do. It includes filling tanks and containers according to the levels told by customers. To wash vehicles' windscreens and side mirrors. Checking vehicle fluids (i.e. mobile oil and brake fluids etc.) and air pressure in tyres. Also, management of vehicles, including changing tyres, replacing lights and brushes of wipers of the windscreen. You can't work at a fuel station if you're under 16.

Ay construction sites: Opportunities in construction careers are available across Australia in all States and continue to show strong growth. According to an economist, construction workers are in demand nowadays as part-time workers, not full-time. According to the Australian government, it's also the highest-paid job in Australia in 2022. A worker can pay almost $50 AUD per hour. In construction, the highest-paid roles are lifted (elevator) installers and repairers. Australia's population is increasing day by day, so the government needs to build more and more buildings for residents. There is also a rush of international students from 2021 as covid outbreaks in 2020.

Other high-paid positions include plumber, lighting consultant, bricklayer, exterminator, plasterer, removals, roofer and boilermaker.

As a delivery boy: If you're working as a part-time delivery driver, you'll be provided with coming trip information, including the earnings and additional tips. Domino's delivery driver earns $26 AUD per hour, but at Domino's, you'll not get paid for gas because Domino's delivers daily, and you already earn enough. Delivery includes food delivery driver, Grub Hub courier, door dash delivery driver, Postmates delivery driver, and Caviar delivery driver. Among these other deliveries, the caviar delivery driver earns the most.

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Eligibility Criteria

For on-campus and off-campus jobs: You only need your right to work as a legal practitioner. It could be:

  • Visa
  • Permanent resident status
  • You must be accepted by the university at a diploma level
  • You must have a bachelor's degree if you're a university student.

Part-Time Employment Wage in Australia

Apart from the fact that your passion and energy are essential factors, it is also necessary to find a suitable and promising job in front of you. As you read Mass, the media and communications, you can find work at a local news station. A student with a student visa can earn a minimum of $ 18.23 per hour and $ 700 + per week (38 hours allowed per week) without taxes.


Salary in AUD/ hour

Personal pastor


Sales assistant


Delivery driver


Data entry


Coffee waiter


Administrative assistant


Elderly care worker


Kitchen hand


Highest Paying Part-time Jobs in Australia 2023


Salary AUD/ hour

Housing selector


Tv extras role




The Uber driver


petrol pump




  • Student employment laws and regulations in Australia. You can work for 20 hours a week. If you exceed that limit, it could be considered a violation of the law and your study permit will be in jeopardy, and you must leave the country in this regard.
  • If you are registered in English or French as a second language which means ESL / FSL program, you can't work off-campus.
  • -If you take only introductory courses, you can't work off-campus.

Top Cities in Australia to Study and Work

Australia allows students to offset their living costs while studying. Studying in Australia is relatively cheaper than the USA and UK.



QS Ranking

Employee activity


University of Melbourne

37 (Third in Australia)

Uber drive

Data operator

A Waiter and director at a restaurant


Western Sydney University

474 (26 in Australia)


Student information officer


Curtin university


Help research

Independent teaching

Work Permits for Student Visas

The fee for obtaining a student visa with work permission is around $600 (AUD). You can start working as your classes will start at your university. Student visas are subject to status 8104 or 8105, which allow for limited employment in Australia.

Payscale and taxes for temporary/ part-time jobs in Australia:

If you work part-time and earn a certain amount, you should pay taxes and national insurance contributions on your salary. The first $ 19000 you make will be tax-free, and the fixed tax rate will be added to the fixed amount you earn (19% of the value between 19000 to 45000 AUD).

If you have Australian residency, you have to pay taxes on your worldwide income, which you'll also collect from all of your online resources. Non-residents are subject to tax at 32.5% on the first 120,000 Australian dollars (AUD) of income, and graduated rates range from 37% to 45% for the remaining income. I suggest keeping a bank account open so that the tax office can put it there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opportunities for international students to work part-time in Australia?
International students in Australia can generally work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during scheduled course breaks.
Are there any restrictions or requirements for international students seeking part-time employment in Australia?
Yes, international students must ensure their visa conditions allow for work, and they must not exceed the maximum allowable hours per week. They also need to maintain their student visa status.
Where can international students find information on available part-time job opportunities in Australia?
They can explore job listings on university notice boards, career services websites, and various job search platforms online.
Can international students work in any field or job they choose, or are there restrictions?
While international students can work in most jobs, there may be limitations on working in certain industries, such as adult entertainment, gambling, or illegal activities.
How can international students balance part-time work with their studies in Australia?
It's essential to manage time effectively, prioritize studies, and communicate with employers about availability to ensure a balanced workload.

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