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Australia Student Visa Rejection Reasons for Sri Lankan Students

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Blog Summary Unveil the common reasons for student visa rejections in Australia, with a focus on Sri Lankan students. Gain valuable insights into the application process and tips to enhance your chances of securing a student visa.
Australia Student Visa Rejection Reasons for Sri Lankan Students

Have you ever wondered what the Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons are? 

If your goal is to study overseas, then we understand that you are a study-abroad aspirant aiming to travel to Australia to continue your higher education. Such being the case, then while you are planning to apply for a student visa, it is better for you to know the Australia Student Visa Rejection Reasons beforehand. It is imperative to understand the reasons so that you can avoid making them and get a successful approval on your Australian Student Visa.

What are the Reasons for Australian Student Visa Rejection?

To get an approval for your Student Visa, you must ensure you follow the Australian government's protocols of temporary immigration. To help you in your endeavour, we will list the typical reasons that might lead to your Australian Student Visa getting rejected, so you will be prepared for them and successfully receive your Australian Student visa.

1. Not Addressing the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement

If you aspire to study in Australia, then you must provide a proper statement on being a genuine temporary entrant of Australia. Meaning, your intention is only to study and not seek permanent residency in Australia. In addition to that, you need to mention how Australia satisfies your higher education needs. A precise 300 word appeal will ensure your student visa gets approved in no time.

2. No Proper Supporting Academic Documents

You need to enclose or attach your academic transcripts as a part of your application. This is one of the most important requirements expected by the Australian Immigration office.

3. Not Attending the English Language Proficiency Exam

This is a rule of thumb. You must submit your score certificate for the English Language Proficiency exam for which you have attended. Failing which, your application will not be considered.

4. Insufficient Funds

It is mandatory you need to have sufficient funds in your bank account to take care of yourself in Australia. You can submit the proof through bank statements or such. If you are under 18, you will need to provide a consent letter signed by one of your parents approving you to use their money.

5. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) 

OSHC is the health insurance cover of Australia. You must buy this health insurance before your departure to Australia. While applying for your student visa, you need to attach this proof so that you have higher chances of your visa getting approved.

6. Passport

It is imperative you have a valid passport which must have been issued within 10 years of your student visa application. Furthermore, your passport should be valid for six more months than your period of stay in Australia.

What to do if my Australian Student Visa gets Rejected?

The only option you have is to re-apply for the student visa online. You can not appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) while you are outside Australia.

How to Re-apply for an Australian Student Visa after Rejection?

The process is the same as when you first applied for the Student Visa. Except for this time, you must get a new Certificate of Enrollment (COE) from your Australian university because the old COE will not be applicable for the re-application.

What to do after your appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Fails?

You can appeal to AAT only if you live in Australia. While you are outside Australia, you can not appeal to the AAT. In case if you live in Australia and your appeal to AAT fails, you can make a written statement to the Foreign Minister or appeal to the Federal Court.

Tips to Avoid Australia Visa Rejection for Sri Lankan Students

We have discussed the possible reasons that will lead to your student visa rejection during the opening of the blog. Now let us see the realistic solutions which can help students avoid their student visas getting rejected.

1. Get in touch with a study-abroad agency - To avoid getting your student visa rejected on the first attempt, it is better to get in touch with a study-abroad agency. Professional agencies can guide and assist you thoroughly, helping you to learn the process as well as helping you avoid making mistakes.

2. Pick a relevant course - Choosing a relevant course is highly important because it shows your university your exact career goal. Having a background in Engineering and choosing Medicine or any other course will not help you to get an approval for your student visa.

3. Gather your Documents in Advance - It will be quite useful if you gather all the necessary and supporting documents handy and organised. Do not postpone this task to a later time, which will leave you in a confused state and will make you miss to submit any essential document.

4. Come up with a unique Statement of Purpose - A statement of purpose has more weightage when it comes to your student visa approval. We can also say it is the deciding factor. So come up with a more unique Statement of Purpose that perfectly reflects your career goal.

5. Score a high band in your English Proficiency Exam - Merely passing the exam wouldn't be enough if you want to successfully pass through the Student Visa stage. A high score will help you to stand out from the rest and gives you the edge you need to get the approval for your student visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances of Australian Student Visa rejection?
The chances are very high if you don't submit the required documents.
Why do Student Visas get denied?
Most the student visas get denied due to the improper submission of documents or missing to submit any of the mentioned documents.
Can I apply for an Australian Student Visa after refusal?
Yes. You can re-apply for the Student Visa if your student visa gets rejected or denied the first time.

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