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Study CPA in Australia for International Students

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Study CPA in Australia for International Students

CPA Australia is universally perceived as exceptional in addressing and determining any accounting, monetary, or business issue that might emerge in the present worldwide economy. For students who completed their CA, CPA Australia can be a better option to continue their higher qualifications.

CPA represents Certified Public Accountant, and these tests are led by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA). This course takes at least 7 months and a limit of 1 year to finish. CA or CPA are answerable to the particular association which hired them through playing out various jobs and obligations like Auditing and Review, Financial Planning and Business Valuation, Tax Preparation, Company Management, Litigation Services and Forensic Accounting Services.

The most well-known professions for a CPA are Public Accounting and Industry Accounting. Consequently, people with accounting and finance skills can decide on a CPA course that contains instruction, CPA test and experience. Studying CPA in Australia for international students will be the finest option for those who want to continue their career on this path. 

CPA Australia has an enrollment of 200,000 individuals in 90+ nations and locales, upheld by 19 workplaces universally. A Master's degree in Professional Accounting can be from Australian colleges to fit the Australian CPA, IPA or CA. This speciality program runs typically 1-2 years long and contains 10-12 three-semester credit courses (30 to 36 semester hours complete). The program might comprise all graduate Accounting courses or a mix of Accounting courses, Management, Tax, Leadership and other alums' business electives. The program has planned not exclusively to prepare students for the CPA assessment but also to give severe strength areas for Public Accountant standards and business applications.

CPA Australia's leading services to individuals are education, preparation, specialised help and backing. Members over there cooperate with nearby and worldwide bodies to address the perspectives and worries of the calling to governments, governors, ventures, the scholarly community and the overall population.

Why Sri Lankan CA Pursue CPA Programme With CPA Australia

  • The expanded potential of income.
  • Better advantages and motivators.
  • Unexpected job positions.
  • More prominent work soundness.

CPA Australia is one of three expert accounting bodies in Australia. To become a CPA, a student must hold a four-year college education or a postgraduate capability of something like eight units.

Benefits of getting Employed

The CA capability will open a ton of entryways for you. However, a CPA permit will bring more significant business benefits. You will get to work with worldwide organisations since you will have IFRS and US GAAP information. Since there is a rising interest in global accounting information in Indian organisations, they favour up-and-rising newcomers who are knowledgeable. The CPA course is broad and covers many points like regulation, examination, tax collection, reviewing, assessment, administrative systems and methodology, morals, arranging, and the board of funds.

Opportunities all over the globe

Since CPAs are experts ensured by AICPA, they have better possibilities of getting enlisted by more prominent companies. You can rehearse it universally if you clear your CPA course and get affirmed. The CPA course after the CA will give you more worldwide acknowledgement and better compensation benefits. After completing these courses, you will be double confirmed proficient, adding enormous worth and regard to your profile. The CPA certificate will give you a superior and more top to bottom comprehension of the bookkeeping methods and norms worldwide.

Time-saving and suitable after CA

You can finish the CPA course somewhere around 14 months with the proper preparation and practice. On the off chance that you have completed your CA, learning the CPA course prospectus will be impressively more advantageous and more straightforward. After finishing your CPA course, you can work in a wide assortment of regions like Assurance administrations, Forensic Accounting, Tax, and Financial Planning, International Accounting, Internal and External examining, and many more, making them multi-gifted with extra abilities. Since you are now talented in CA, breaking the CPA course test will not be as complex and tedious, and you can score well.

Higher paying jobs

It is very advantageous to do the CPA course that will assist you with finding some work with excellent remuneration. For many individuals, CPA has been the doorway to working with MNCs, and a more significant part of individuals consider pay benefits while applying for an expert course. Statistics show that individuals with double accreditation, for example, CA and CPA, procure more than those who have done just CA. On the off chance that you are hoping to bring in more cash, you ought to take a gander at the CPA course as speculation since there will be various advantages that the variety of a CPA permit offers.

CPA Licence

You will want to utilise the CPA title while marking archives if you clear your CPA course test and get the necessary experience to obtain the CPA permit. Most states expect no less than 1-2 years of required accounting experience under a CPA for a CPA permit. The CPA permit likewise has added advantages, for example, marking government forms and review reports, or you can be a proprietor or accomplice of a public accounting firm. Thus, pick a course that will assist you with succeeding much more in your chosen field.

Popular CPA Courses In Australia for International Students

Many courses which will be useful for the students of accounting at Australia are available and they are taught by the most famous lecturers in the world wide. Some of those course are mentioned below:

  • The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • The Institute of Public and Finance Accountancy (CIPFA)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)

CPA Roles & Responsibilities In Australia

A CPA's set of working responsibilities shifts by an employer. However, normal obligations incorporate exhorting clients on monetary matters, preparing and recording charge archives, and making financial reports. CPAs can represent considerable authority in regions like forensic accounting, individual economic preparation, and tax assessment.

A good accountant isn't only somebody with finance abilities yet additionally a specialist in human relations and correspondence. They should have great uprightness as they manage monetary records and significant areas of strength for having skills to introduce nitty gritty data straightforwardly.

CPAs are responsible for the readiness of government forms for organisations and people, marking expense forms, addressing citizens before the IRS for reviews and issues, and planning and auditing fiscal reports.

Accountant responsibilities:

  • Following instalments to interior and outside partners
  • Planning financial figures
  • Handling charge instalments and returns
  • Deal with all bookkeeping exchanges
  • Prepare budget forecasts
  • Handle month to month, quarterly and yearly closings
  • Distribute fiscal summaries in time
  • Accommodate creditor liabilities and receivable
  • Oversee asset reports and benefit/misfortune articulations

Eligibility For CPA Program [NON-MRA / NON-CA CANDIDATES]

Anyone can do Australia CPA without finishing their CA. CA and CPA are two of the loftiest qualifications in accounting. The people who need to work in accounting should get a CPA certificate. You don't need to study accounting to become a Certified Public Accountant. While there are certain few things that you and students chasing after their bookkeeping degree should satisfy, as long as you procure your Bachelor's certification, you're in good shape toward turning into a CPA up-and-comer.


QS Ranking

Course Offered

Tution Fees in GBP

The University of South Wales


Accounting and Finance

14,500 - 15,500

The University of Melbourne


Accounting and Finance

18,500 - 19,500

The University of Sydney


Accounting and Finance

21,000 - 22,100

Monash University


Accounting and Finance

25,000 - 26,600

The Australian National University


Accounting and Finance

17,500 - 19,000

CPA Australia Fees for 2022

The accompanying expenses apply to CPA Australia individuals who are occupants in worldwide areas.

This implies areas other than Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore or the United Kingdom. All instalments should be in Australian dollars. Nationals of select Oceania nations might be qualified for charge appropriation under the Oceania Regional Scheme.


Charges apply to new and existing individuals and are liable to change. 

New Memberships

Fee (AUD)

Application Fee


Application Review Fee


First Year Membership: Associate (Full year)


First Year Membership: Associate (Half year)


First Year Membership: CPA or FCPA (Full year)


First Year Membership: CPA or FCPA (Half year)


CPA Program

CPA Program

Fee (AUD)

Subject enrolment (early bird)


Subject enrolment


Standard exam deferral


Late exam deferral


Subject material re-order*


CPA Australia Registration Process

It would be helpful if you were an Associate from CPA Australia to sign up for the CPA Program. On the off chance that you are not yet a part, complete an internet-based enrollment application to check whether you are qualified to turn into an Associate part and start the CPA Program. If qualified, your subsequent stage will actuate your participation before signing up for your most memorable semester.

If you have enrolled and wanted to make any of the updates, then:

You can defer your Enrolment to next semester.

Assuming you can't keep concentrating on this semester, you might concede your Enrolment to the following accessible semester. You can do this online through My CPA Program; however, the program should finish before the shutting date.

Can you cancel your Enrolment?

  • You might drop your Enrolment online through My CPA Program before the publicized shutting dates.
  • If you apply to drop your Enrolment in a subject, know about the accompanying terms.

Change your Enrolment to an alternate subject.

You can switch up the conversation in which you are enlisted online through the My CPA Program. It would be better if you did this before the end date for the ongoing semester. Changes after this date are not allowed.

Assuming that you've conceded your Enrolment to the ongoing semester, you can't change to another subject except if there are uncontrollable issues at hand.

Certified Public Accountant Jobs & Salary in Australia

While numerous businesses are seeing fewer new jobs or total recruiting freezes, bookkeepers stay popular in Australia.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is a universally perceived designation and is the best quality of capability in Accountancy. A very high inclination for Certified Public Accountants across the globe makes it one of the Top Highest Paying Jobs in Accounting in Australia. Holding a global assignment like CPA Australia is dependably a worthy expansion to existing capabilities, gives excellent open doors and assists you with standing apart from different experts.

Job Role

Salary Range (AUD)

Average (AUD)


$52k - $92k


Senior Accountant

$67k - $109k


Finance Manager

$81k - $147k


Finance Controller

$83k - $164k


Financila Accountant

$67k - $99k


Chief Financial Officer

$109k - $247k


Management Accountant

$68k - $107k


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CPA (Certified Public Accountant), and why is it attractive to international students in Australia?
CPA is a globally recognized accounting qualification. It's attractive to international students in Australia because of its relevance to accounting and finance careers.
Which Australian institutions offer CPA courses for international students?
Many universities and institutions in Australia offer CPA courses for both domestic and international students.
What are the benefits of studying CPA in Australia for international students?
Benefits may include access to quality education, a multicultural learning environment, and opportunities for career advancement in accounting and finance.
Are there specific entry requirements for international students interested in CPA programs in Australia?
Entry requirements may vary, but typically students need a good understanding of English and relevant academic qualifications.
How can international students apply for CPA courses in Australia?
Students can apply directly to institutions offering CPA programs, ensuring they meet the specific admission requirements.

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