New Zealand Scholarships to realise your Study Abroad Dreams

Scholarships in New Zealand

Scholarships in New Zealand

New Zealand has soared to new heights after having made so many advancements in the education sector. It is currently ranking in the fifth position in helping international students to achieve their career goals by allowing them to study in its universities. The country also tops in providing research-based education to students and thus helping its economy grow and making the country filled with a more skilled workforce. In fact, New Zealand has an 81% of literacy rate meaning there are more number of students graduating each year, including national and international students. This is due to the main facts of New Zealand Standardizing its education system, raising the bar to International Standards and making “English” as one of the main forms of medium of Instruction apart from Maori, the New Zealand Sign language. To top it all, New Zealand has all of its universities ranking in the “QS World Ranking Universities” list for the continuous years.

These all factors add to the growing popularity of the New Zealand country and making it as a highly desirable educational destination. Each year 43,000+ students graduate from New Zealand universities which is a good sign of the country maintaining a sophisticated education system. Also, since New Zealand follows the UK-based education system, it is quite costly for international students to study in the country. To help them in their education, New Zealand provides 650 scholarships each year to 130 countries making sure every deserving student is given an opportunity to explore its world-class education system.

The number of scholarships for international students in New Zealand will significantly increase as the country gets maximum revenue from its higher education sector. To receive scholarships to study in New Zealand, students must have an outstanding academic profile reflecting the profound knowledge they earned during their study course. Similarly, scholarships in New Zealand for Sri Lankan students are also projected to increase for deserving students.

Government Scholarships in New Zealand

New Zealand government scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships in New Zealand as receiving them has many benefits for International students. The benefits are given below.

  • They cover the full tuition fees of students for all the study years.
  • Living allowance of NZ$491 per week.
  • An establishment allowance of NZ$3000.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Coverage of Travel expenses covering the charge of  - to and from the students’ home country.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Fund for thesis and research for postgraduate studies.

List of New Zealand Government Scholarships

  • Dream NEW Scholarship
  • New Zealand Government Prime Minister Scholarships
  • Pacific Health Scholarships
  • New Zealand Government-TeachNZ Graduate Scholarships
  • Te Huraru Scholarship
  • Fisheries New Zealand Scholarships
  • IPBA Scholarships
  • GSCB Women in STEM Scholarship

University Scholarships in New Zealand

The New Zealand Universities pay in all ranges from NZ$5000 to NZ$90,000 to international students seeking to study in their universities. Their main aim is to provide scholarships to well-deserving international students who hold an excellent academic record and are multi-talented. Also, give a platform for them to broaden their knowledge and skills and help them take up new challenges and get experiences on a global level.


University Name

Scholarship Name



Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

AUT International Excellence Scholarship

The Value of the Scholarship is $7000. Total number of scholarships provided for International students is 10. The university offers scholarships to study Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD.


Lincoln University

Lincoln University International Taught Merit Scholarships

The scholarship awards both NZ$7000 and NZ$10,000 for Master’s studies.


Massey University

Massey University Doctorate Scholarships

The scholarship awards $90,000 to international students to do their Postdoctoral study.


University of Auckland

Top Achiever Scholarships

The value of the scholarship is NZ$20,000. The scholarship is given to outstanding sports and arts students.


University of Waikato

University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

The scholarship is worth the amount of $20,000 given to international students to study Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.


Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand International Student Grant

The award rewards students with NZ$10,000 and NZ$5000 for doing Undergraduation and Postgraduataion studies.


University of Canterbury

UC Hiranga Scholarship

The UC Hiranga Scholarship pays NZ$5000 for international students for their Undergraduation program.


University of Otago

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships for International Students

The scholarship pays NZ$10,000 for students to complete their Undergraduation program.

Undergraduate Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

Undergraduation scholarships are great opportunities for students to start their careers in future because without proper funds and opportunities, there are students who stop with their high-school education. Thus aiming for Undergraduation scholarships is a great way to start the higher/college education as students can concentrate more on their studies without working part-time jobs and raising funds for their studies.
New Zealand offers many Undergraduation scholarships for international students to help them explore and experience its global education platform and to start their college education on a global level. New Zealand scholarships are usually open for 4 months till the deadline date. Following are the fully funded Undergraduate scholarships for international students in New Zealand.
  • Edna Waddell Undergraduate Scholarships for Women In Technology and Engineering.
  • Ernest William File Scholarship
  • Girdler’s Scholarship
  • Kauri Museum Mervyn Sterling Scholarship
  • Kitchener Memorial Scholarship
  • KiwiRail Scholarship
  • Maritime Union Scholarship
  • Peter Windle Scholarship
  • Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
  • Sir Douglas Myers Scholarship
  • Spark Scholarship Sullivan Scholarship

Scholarships for Masters in New Zealand for International Students

The main reason students need Master’s scholarships is to get specialised in their fields and earn a higher level of knowledge. Getting specialised in a field is very important in this day and age, as it opens the door to many benefits such as career advancement, increased earning potential, profound knowledge of the field and expanding the professional network. So earning a Master’s degree will be helpful for students to get more lucrative and high-profile jobs related to their fields. Thus receiving scholarships for postgraduate degrees like Master’s to study in a notable country like New Zealand will only add more value to students’ resumes and qualifications.
Following are the scholarships for Postgraduate Studies in New Zealand.
  • BayTrust Kaitiakitanga Scholarship
  • Bing’s Scholarship
  • The Claude McCarthy Fellowships
  • The Dick and Mary Earle Scholarship in Technology
  • The Edward and Isabel Kidson Scholarship
  • Frank Knox Memorial Fellowships at Harvard University
  • FMB Reynolds Scholarship in Law to Oxford
  • Freyberg Scholarship
  • Gordon Watson Scholarship
  • The Judith Clark Memorial Fellowships

MBA Scholarships in New Zealand for International Students

An MBA graduate degree is needed for aspirants to learn all the professional skills like leadership skills, effective communication, critical thinking and analytical skills. An MBA is essential for business people and similar individuals to learn business ethics, finance, accounting, marketing and micro/macro economics that help them understand business and marketing principles. But to study MBA comes with a cost, and when it has to be studied in an international country like New Zealand, more money has to be invested. So receiving scholarships for MBA will greatly impact students’ careers, allowing them to study the Global Market and experience an education that can open doors to executive jobs.

Listed below are some of the popular MBA scholarships by the top business schools in New Zealand.

  • International Student Excellence Scholarship
  • Coursework Master’s Scholarship
  • International Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • MBA Awards
  • International Excellence Scholarship
  • Alison MacGibbon Fund
  • New Zealand Excellence Awards
  • WelTec Excellence Awards

PhD NewZealand Scholarships

PhD degrees are the most coveted titles people earn for their personal reasons like satisfaction or for professional reasons to become university professors or lecturers. PhDs can make a person’s career by allowing them to work for reputed organisations or helping them to carry a research that will be helpful for the human community. Again earning these scholarships for three or four years is immense for a doctorate aspirant because it allows them to concentrate on their research without ever worrying about financial funds.

We are listing below the fully-funded PhD Scholarship in New Zealand.

  • OECD RCP Research Fellowships
  • National Overseas Scholarship
  • Summer Research Scholarships in New Zealand
  • University of Waikato Te Kotahi Research Institute Doctoral Scholarship
  • International Doctoral Scholarships in New Zealand
  • Global Excellence Scholarship
  • University of Waikato’s Doctoral Scholarship in New Zealand
  • Leakey Foundation Research Grants
  • AUT Vice-Chancellor Doctoral Scholarship
  • Faculty of Arts Doctoral Scholarships

How to apply for Scholarships in New Zealand?

  • Visit the official New Zealand government Scholarship website to find all information regarding the eligibility and the application process.
  • Select your country and the type of scholarship according to your eligibility.
  • Create an Online account.
  • Attach the supportive documents along with the application form.

Eligibility Criteria to apply to scholarships in New Zealand

  • Students or applicants must be 18 years of age.
  • They must meet the Student Visa requirements.
  • They must meet their target university's academic and English language requirements.
  • Must hold valid citizenship.
  • No upper age limit for applicants.
  • Students who graduated from New Zealand universities are expected to return to their home countries for two years to contribute to their country's social and economic development.

At aecc , we provide all kinds of help to students like Admission guidance, Scholarship guidance, and Student Visa guidance to realise their dream of studying abroad. Also, we guide students at every stage of the process to help them simplify their work. Through our guidance, students also can stay on the track with the application process rather than lose hope by doing single-handedly. Students can reach out to us by directly visiting us or contacting us through any social networking medium. Also, we provide online appointments for students to learn about our services. 

Want to apply for a scholarship in New Zealand and worried about the process? Contact AECC global and find a suitable scholarship.

FAQs for Scholarships in New Zealand

1. How to get scholarships in New Zealand?
To apply to and receive scholarships in New Zealand, students should
  • Visit the official New Zealand government Scholarship website to find all information regarding the eligibility and the application process.
  • Select their country and the type of scholarship according to their eligibility.
  • Create an Online account.
  • Attach the supportive documents along with the application form.

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