Scholarships to Study in Canada


Scholarships in Canada for Sri Lankan Students 2023

Canada is an economically-developed North American country with wondrous scenic places and high-calibre educational institutions. International students aspiring to study in Canada shouldn’t miss this education destination considering its high tuition fees. There are many other options to fulfill this need. Students can opt to apply for scholarships, bursaries and grants that the country’s government and its educational institutions offer.

Scholarship in Canada for Srilankan Students is highly encouraged because the country wants to provide everyone with an equal chance to help students experience their global education platform. To study in Canada from Srilanka with scholarships is a highly rewarding factor for the Srilankan students as it boosts their overall knowledge and also help them to seek high-profile jobs all over the world.

Scholarships for International Students in Canada are increasing each year as this year alone, more than 800 scholarships are provided for them. These scholarships cover the basic and advanced expenses of the international students, such as monthly stipend of $2500 along with the tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance and travel allowance. The scholarship to study in Canada is easy to get, given the academic scores and paperwork are in place.

How Can I get Scholarships to Study in Canada?

There are certain steps students should follow to prepare the paperwork which is essential to start their application process to receive Canadian Scholarships.

  • Plan as early as possible - To apply and receive these scholarships students should start applying for scholarships at the earliest. For example, applying before six months would be a sufficient time to allow the application to be processed.
  • Research about the opportunities - When applying for scholarships students should not concentrate on one particular grant. According to their eligibility, they should start their research and do it thoroughly. For example, they should look for scholarships offered by different universities in Canada instead of focusing on one. This would allow them to find different opportunities and make use of them.
  • Comprehend the requirements - It is very essential for students to understand the terms, conditions and eligibility criteria for applying to these scholarships. If they do not satisfy any one of the requirements, their application has many chances to get denied.
  • Consider the low-funding scholarships also - It will be very wise of students if they consider the low-funding scholarships also. Because vying for high-funding scholarships alone would lead to nothing considering the high amount of competition for them. So applying for the low-funding scholarships would promise a certain amount.
  •  Reference Letter - Reference Letter or Letter of Recommendation is made essential by the universities to act as a letter of validation. So before applying for the scholarships, students should get a Letter of Recommendation from the university they lastly graduated from. Without attaching the Letter of Recommendation, students should not apply for the scholarships.
  • Make Your Passion and Individuality Stand out -  Students can do this when they write the Statement of Purpose (SOP). A Statement of Purpose is a letter of intent, expressing your need for the scholarship and writing down the reasons “why you deserve the scholarship”. So writing your SOP to the point and making it clear will help it to stand out and expresses your passion and individuality.
  • Get Help from Professionals - Getting help from professionals is one of the easy ways to receive Canadian scholarships. Professional educational consultancy like AECC Global can help you with your scholarship application by guiding you with the precise information on scholarships according to your eligibility. So don’t hesitate to seek help.
Thus apply for scholarships in Canada following or keeping these points in mind. It will help you in your scholarship receiving process without getting lost by the intimidating task.

Note - Before deciding or starting to apply for scholarships, the main substantial thing to do is apply to your desired university. Once your university accepts your application, officially sending you an admission confirmation mail, you can start applying for the scholarships available on their board. So apply for as many universities as possible, a maximum of six to seven, to keep your options wide open.

Types of Scholarships in Canada

  • Entrance Scholarships - Entrance scholarships are meritorious awards given in the form of scholarships to students who excel in academics or extracurricular activities. It need not be necessarily academics or extracurricular activities; it can be their profound leadership qualities, contribution to community or society, excellent research proposals, athletic performance or any other excellence form that are considered for entrance scholarships. Entrance scholarships are given to study Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters, PhD, PostDoctoral and Research.
  • High School Scholarships - High school scholarships are provided by a Canadian high school or by a district school. Competition for this type of scholarship is less; therefore, students have high chances of receiving the scholarship. And the number of high school scholarships is less, so students must be proactive to receive the scholarships.
  • University and College Scholarships - University and College scholarships are mostly like Entrance scholarships given based on academic excellence and extracurricular activities. Continuous involvement in community servicing and other participation would lead to receiving one of these scholarships.
  • External Scholarships - A school, college, or university do not give external scholarships.  Third-party groups give it to communities, NGOs and private companies. The amount of external scholarships ranges from few hundred dollars to full tuition fees covering all students’ expenses.
  • Affiliate Scholarships - Affiliate scholarships are for employees who are associated with a company or an organisation. These scholarships are also given to their kids or their direct dependents. The Affiliate scholarship is given with an intention to support employees’ education dreams and help them realise their higher education goals.

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Fully-funded scholarships are the ones that cover the full tuition fees of the international students irrespective of their study programs such as UG, PG or Doctoral. Sometimes, the scholarship covers all the expenses including the return airfare, living costs and establishment allowances. We are going to list some of the fully-funded scholarships in Canada for international students.
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Ontario Trillium Scholarships
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship
  • Lester B.Pearson International Student Scholarships
  • Karen Mc Kellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award Scholarship
  • University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship
  • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship
  • International Undergraduate Leadership Scholarship
  • University of British Columbia Public Scholars Award
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarships

Government Scholarship in Canada

Government-funded scholarships are purely sponsored by the country’s government to help students complete their undergraduate or postgraduation studies. Below are some of the government-funded scholarships programs in Canada for international students.


Scholarship Name



Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships 2021

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships are given for postdoctoral study programs to study Health Research, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities Research. The scholarship covers a partial funding of $50,000 per year. 


Postdoctoral Research Program, 2021

The Scholarship is to study Postdoctoral program in Natural Sciences. The scholarship covers partial funding of a small amount of the tuition fees, which is not fixed.


Canada- ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development 2021

This scholarship can be used for doing Bachelors and Masters in any course offered by the University. The scholarship covers partial funding of CAD 15,900.


Natural Resources Canada Postdoctoral Research Program 2017-2018

The scholarship can be used to study Postdoctoral program in Natural Sciences. The scholarship provides partial funding of no fixed amount.


CGSP Postdoctoral Fellowships 2017

As the name suggests, the scholarship can be used to study Postdoctoral program. This postdoctoral fellowship provides a partial funding of $45,000 annually.


Ontario Trillium Scholarship (OTS) in Canada 2019

Using this scholarship, students can do their PhD program in any subject offered by the university. The scholarship provides a partial funding of $40,000 annually.


Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP) 2020

The CFSP scholarship can be utilised to do Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral programs in any subject except for clinical training in Pharmacy, Medicine and Dentistry. Also, the scholarship covers partial amount of the tuition fees.


African Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Through this scholarship, students can do their Masters Degree in Public Administration, Public Policy or Public Finances. The scholarship covers full amount of the tuition fees, including the return airfare and Living expenses. 


Banting International Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021

This scholarship helps students to do their Postdoctoral degree in Engineering, Humanities, Health and Science. The scholarship covers partial amount of CAD 70,000 per year.

Universities in Canada Offering Scholarships

Now, we will see the universities offering Full Scholarships to International Students in Canada. These universities offer scholarships that cover the full tuition fees and sometimes partial tuition fees too.


University Name

Scholarship Name

Study Program


University of Alberta

University of Alberta Scholarships

Bachelors, Masters, PhD, Diploma.


McGill University

McGill University Scholarships

Masters, PhD.


Montreal University

Montreal University Canada Scholarships 

Bachelors, Masters, PhD.


University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo Scholarships in Canada 

Undergradaute, Masters, PhD.


Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University Scholarship

Undergraduate, Masters, PhD.


University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba Scholarships

Masters and Doctoral.


University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia Scholarship



University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa Scholarships

Undergradaute, Masters, PhD, Microprograms, Short programs and Graduate Diplomas.

Institutional Scholarships in Canada

Institutional Scholarships are similar to other scholarships, and higher educational institutions like colleges and universities give them grants to students based on their academic excellence and if they are financially not sound. As other kinds of scholarships, institutional scholarships aid students in reducing their financial burden. We will list the top institutional scholarships available for international students in Canada.

  • Lester B Pearson International Scholarship
  • York University International Student Scholarship Program
  • University of British Columbia Scholarships for International Students
  • Carleton Prestige Scholarships
  • Calgary International Entrance Scholarships
  • Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders
  • Humber College International Entrance Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

Undergraduate Scholarships are purely given to enroll in Undegraduate studies such as Bachelors. The Bachelors study program can be of arts and also engineering related. Any course it might be, the scholarship is given to pursue Undergraduate studies. Below is the list of Scholarships in Canada for Undergraduate International students.

  • CNR Building Futures Scholarship
  • Education Future International Scholarship
  • UBC’s Community International Merit-based Awards in Canada
  • ServiceScape Scholarship
  • Vale Manitoba Operations Post Secondary Scholarship
  • University of Edinburgh-AHRC Collaborative PhD Studentship
  • Trent University’s International Global Citizen Scholarships and Awards in Canada
  • ASM Materials Education Foundation - Undergraduate Scholarship

Masters Scholarship in Canada

Unlike UG Scholarships, Masters scholarships are a kind of Postgraduate scholarships given to students to complete their Masters study. There are many postgraduate scholarships in Canada for International Students, and we will see some of them.

  • The University of Winnipeg-  Manitoba Graduate Scholarships (MGS) in Canada.
  • University of Buckingham Ondaatje Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • Center for Cyber Safety and Education Graduate Scholarships.
  • Education Future International Scholarship
  • Engineers Canada Scholarships at Simon Fraser University
  • OFID Scholarship Award for International Students
  • ServiceScape Scholarship

PhD Scholarships in Canada

PhD scholarships are given to international students who want to commence their PhD study programs in Canada. These PhD scholarships sometimes cover the full tuition fees and sometimes only half the tuition fees. 

  • Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • University of Alberta Graduate Entrance Scholarships
  • University of Montreal Doctoral Scholarship
  • University of British Columbia Four Year Doctoral Fellowship
  • University of Lethbridge Graduate Research Award
  • University of Windsor Graduate Entrance Scholarship

How to Apply for Scholarships in Canada?

The Application process hugely varies between each scholarship available in Canada. To apply to any of them, students must read the application guidelines on the webpage to get accepted successfully. Make sure the scholarship is available and attach the necessary supporting documents as requested. Take your time to fill out the application and submit it before the deadline.

The general supporting documents that need to be attached are
  • Copy of the Admission confirmation form.
  • Filled scholarship application.
  • Copy of your Passport/ID.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR).
  • Test Score (Like GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.).
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate like TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Medical Report.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply to Scholarships to Study in Canada

  • Students should have a minimum 80% score in their latest graduate examination.
  • Be a non-citizen of the Canadian country.
  • Not married or engaged to a Canadian citizen.
  • Pass IELTS with a score of 6.5.
  • Display exceptional leadership qualities through SOP.
  • Not convicted for any criminal activities.
aecc is one of the promising and trustworthy abroad educational consultancies that cater to all the needs of the students planning to commence their abroad education abroad. We provide all kinds of guidance to students, from Admission guidance, scholarship guidance, visa guidance, and pre and post-departure sessions to prepare students for their education journey. Students needing precise guidance can always contact us to clarify their queries and doubts.

FAQs For Scholarships in Canada

1. How to get scholarships in Canada?

To receive Canadian scholarships, students must meet the eligibility criteria set by the Universities or the Canadian government. To know the eligibility criteria, students can visit the particular University’s website and understand the application guidelines and the rules.


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