Personality Assessment Test
Personality Assessment Test

What is the AECC Skills Personality Assessment?

The FREE Personality Assessment Test from AECC  is a personalised, interactive, career-focused skills assessment test.

This test is exclusively designed for students to understand their strengths and passions that helps them in turn identify a suitable career choice, and find the right course at a university of their choice.

Why take up the free 16 Personalities Test?

You might think that pursuing a certain academic or career path is a great idea at the moment. However, as you keep going, you may not feel fuelled, challenged, and motivated if it doesn’t match your personality.

Knowing your personality type might help you figure out what you could enjoy doing, what you might be good at, and even open up new possibilities you hadn't considered before. If you look at the bigger picture, understanding your personality test type can help you make the best educational and career moves.

After meeting with one of our dedicated counsellors you will be eligible to receive an AECC Skills Assessment


After meeting with one of our dedicated counsellors you will be eligible to receive an AECC Skills Assessment

What is a personality test?

The AECC Skills Personality Assessment is based on a core theory that explains how behavioural traits differ from person to person in different situations, thus resulting in various personality types. The  test's concept is based on the assumption that the world's population is made up of these 16 different sorts of people.

The four pairs of opposed personalities are:

 Extraversion (E) -Introversion (I)
 Intuition (N) -Sensing (S)
 Thinking (T)-Feeling (F)
 Judging (J) -Perceiving (P)

Each letter (E-I, I-S, T-F, J-P) stands for a distinct preference.
16 personalities test - online personality test

INTJ - The Architect

INTP - The Intellectual

ESFP- The Entertainer

ENTP-The Debater

ENTJ -The Director

ESTP - The Persuader

ENFP - The Advocate

ISTP - The Innovator

ISFJ - The Protector

ESFJ - The Contributor

ISTJ - The Auditor

ESTJ - The Manager

INTP- The Deviser

INFP - The Mediator

ENFJ - The Educator

ISFP - The Artist

16 Different types of Personality Test

  • INTJ - The architect
    INTJs are analytical thinkers who use logic and reason to solve problems.
  • INTP - The intellectual
    INTPs are problem solvers with keen objective skills.
  • ESFP- The entertainer
    ESFPs love to be in the spotlight and are active, versatile, and artistic.
  • ENTP-The debater 
    ENTPs are creative thinkers who always come up with new innovative ideas.
  • ENTJ -The director
    ENTJs don't mind taking the lead and are confident in their decision-making abilities.
  • ESTP - The persuader
    ESTPs appreciate working with others and conversing with them. They are detail-oriented, experiment frequently, and are objective. Their flexibility is their greatest asset.
  • ENFP - The advocate
    ENFPs are self-assured, creative, and passionate people with a strong sense of altruism.
  • ISTP - The innovator
    ISTPs are logical, practical thinkers that seek out unique experiences and are curious about how things function.
  • ISFJ - The protector 
    ISFPs are systematic thinkers who are well-organized and detail-oriented.
  • ESFJ - The contributor 
    ESFJs are extroverted, generous, empathic who are committed to social work. 
  • ISTJ - The auditor
    ISTJs are exceptionally well-organized, planners, rational, and specific to even tiny details.
  • ESTJ - The manager
    ESTJs have high standards, place value on rules and laws and take initiative.
  • INTP- The deviser 
    INTPs enjoy working with theories and formulating them; they are rational and objective. They can be a little reserved as well. 
  • INFP - The mediator
    INFPs are insightful, compassionate, meticulous, value-driven, and love spending time alone.
  • ENFJ - The educator
    ENFJs are extroverted people who excel at dealing with others, encouraging them, and even good at negotiating.
  • ISFP - The artist 
    ISFPs are action-driven people who live in the present moment and constantly make efforts to learn from their experiences.

10 Common Personalities

Personality Type
Global Population Frequency

Want to know your personality type?

Now that you’ve read all about these personality types, we’re sure you’re intrigued and eager to discover your personality type among the 16. Take up the AECC Skills Personality Assessment worth $20 for FREE and understand yourself better! This test is tailored specially for students like you who are keen on tracing their strengths and skills so they can make the best decisions for their future.


1. What is a personality test in psychology?
A personality test is a technique employed for evaluating human personality. Personality tests are procedures for measuring the characteristic patterns of personality traits that people display in a variety of contexts.

2. What is the big five personality test?
The big five personality test covers Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. These personality attributes are thought to be the foundational features that characterize a person's personality.

3.How to test my personality type?
You can take up the AECC Skills FREE Personality & Career Assessment Test, respond honestly to the questionnaire to test your personality type.

4.How accurate are personality tests?
Accuracy depends partly on the individual taking up the test. The accuracy is dependent on how truthful and self-reflective your responses were.

5. How accurate are personality tests?
Accuracy depends partly on the individual taking up the test. The accuracy is dependent on how truthful and self-reflective your responses were.

6. What Do Personality Tests Reveal?
Personality tests reveal a person's innate strengths, interests, values and also indicate areas of improvement. 

7. How can these 16 personalities tests help you choose a course or career?
When it comes to identifying which course or career would be the best fit for you, your personality is a major aspect to consider. It can indicate the skills you possess that make you excellent in a particular field. Taking up a personality test helps you in making a more informed decision for your future. 

8. What to keep in mind while taking up the personality test?
Be honest while you take up the test. There is no wrong response, just be yourself for the most accurate results.

Steps to take up the AECC Skills FREE Personality Tests

Step 1
: Fill up the form

Step 2: Receive the link for the test via email

Step 3: Click on the link to take up the test

Step 4: Take up the test and answer the questionnaire 

Step 5: After the completion of the test, you will receive your results via email


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