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Study in Australia

Scholarships in Australia

Today, education overseas can be expensive for students. Apply for scholarship for higher education in australia is a great option to reduce your financial burden. The scholarship does not only help you financially but it helps students access higher education easier. There are undergraduate scholarships for international students in australia that will help them through bachelors and save students from large amounts of debts. If students are willing to do their masters or interested in research, there are postgraduate scholarships for international students in australia. There are universities in australia with full scholarship for international students which will provide extensive support, improve networking and job opportunities. 

How to apply for scholarships in Australia?

Scholarships in Australia for srilankan students are usually merit-based or depend on financial needs. They tend to have a different set of eligibility criteria to be met to attain the scholarship. There are no ideal requirements but it’s largely based on academic performance.

There are no qualifying exams for scholarships for srilankan students to study in Australia. The only exam which the students may have to take is the IELTS to demonstrate their English language ability.

How to get fully funded scholarships for Sri Lankan students?

It’s important to start browsing through the various scholarships available at the earliest and check if the criteria are fulfilled by the student. There are various universities in Australia offering scholarships for international students such as Monash International Merit Scholarships extended by Monash University for Masters Program offering up to $10,000 for a full-time study. 

Australia has great terrains and seas such as the Outback where students can enjoy the beaches and snorkelling at the great barrier reef. Australia provides easy access to a student visa. Experience the diverse wildlife and the vibrant city life. 

Scholarships for International Students in Australia

These are the listed Scholarships for Sri Lankan students in Australia. Find the universities that we provide for international students to study in Australia.
Scope of the scholarship offered
Degree level
Western Sydney International Bursary
up to $3,000 and a one-off contribution towards tuition fees.
Available at the Western Sydney University
Postgraduate and Undergraduate degree program
Faculty of Law Masters International Scholarship
Funding up to $20,000.
Monash University
Masters degree program.
Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners Scholarship
Funding $2,000
Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners Scholarship
Postgraduate and Undergraduate degree program.
Johnstone Family Scholarship for International Students
Funding up to $5,000
Australian National University is offering the Johnstone Family Scholarship
Undergraduate degree program.
Master of Professional Engineering Scholarship
Fully-funded scholarship
University of Technology Sydney
Masters degree program.
Peter & Sharon Ivany Access Scholarship
University of Technology Sydney
Graduate degree program.
Professor Ronel Erwee Garden City Zonta Club Bursary
encouraging women’s education at University of Southern Queensland
Masters degree program
ECU Melbourne and ECU Sydney Scholarships
Offering 10% reduction in Tuition fee
ECU Melbourne and ECU Sydney Scholarships to support the high achieving candidates
Postgraduate degree program.
ECU Postgraduate Petroleum Engineering Scholarship
Offering 20% reduction in tuition fees
Edith Cowan University
Postgraduate degree program.
National Library of Australia Research Fellowship
Funding AUD $1,000
encouraging women’s education at the University of Southern Queensland
Research degree program.
Welcome to Port Macquarie Accommodation Scholarship
cover 50% of the cost for the first semester
Charles Sturt University
Bachelors and Masters degree program
MBA Global International Student Scholarship at the University of Newcastle in Australia
Funding $2500
encouraging and supporting students faculty of Business and Law
MBA degree program.
School of Economics and Finance Honours Scholarships
awards $6,000
Queensland University of Technology
Undergraduate degree program.

The Australian government also awards international students which will help students focus on their studies. The scholarships are: 

Australian Government Scholarships

Australia Awards Scholarship

  • The Australia Awards equip students with the information and skills they need to make a difference and contribute to social and economic growth in Australia.
  • They give worldwide scholarships as well as professional growth, research, and study opportunities. It is funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  • It covers academic fees, health insurance, living expense, and other allied expenses.

The Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP)

It is ideal for students undertaking research Doctorate or research Masters degree, assisting them with full tuition fee waivers. Its criteria considered are a four-year bachelor's degree, First Class Hons degree, and International standardized test for English. It is open to any graduate from arts, science and other allied fields. 

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships in Australia for International Students

It strives to encourage overseas students to study in regional Australia while also providing them with a learning opportunity. It is relevant to anyone who has completed a degree in science, the arts, or business. Each scholarship is worth up to $15,000 per year and includes a travel allowance, an establishment allowance, and a monthly stipend. The degree level is Masters of PhD and is scholarship. 

Commonwealth Scholarships Australia is a government-funded programme administered by the Department of Education and Training. Its purpose is to help students in financial need, especially those from remote and regional regions, and it is offered at all Australian universities. Other institutions and organisations that provide scholarships to students assist in making education more accessible, providing extended assistance, networking, and reducing financial strain. 

If you want to know more about the Australia scholarships for your higher education, feel free to contact us today!
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