Best Universities for Media Studies In Australia

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Media studies is a wide field of studies dealing with the different techniques and technology used to deliver information to a large audience. It involves the history, content, and effect of various communication tools and methods, but its focus is on mass media.

There are a lot of career opportunities for media studies and mass media graduates. Some of these roles are journalist, market researcher, social media manager, media planner, public relations consultant, copywriter, broadcast producer, and others.

Media is one of the key industries in the world, and it delivers messages and meanings to every culture around the world. The media industry is a billion-dollar industry, and its growth rate is very high. Doing media study from any university in Australia will open the door to enormous opportunities for you. This guide will show you why to study media and mass communication and where to study them. I'll be sharing the best universities in Australia for media studies.

So, let's dive into it! 

Why Pursue Media Studies in Australia?

Australia is a welcoming country and is one of the unique and famous multicultural study-abroad destinations. The people of Australia are welcoming and friendly, and it makes Australia the best place for international students. Along with natural beauty and a friendly environment, Australia is a place of many top-ranked universities. Studying media in Australian universities gives you many career opportunities. 

Some reasons why you pursue your media studies in Australia are given below.

Excellent Education System

Australian universities are ranked among the top universities globally, and some of its educational institutes come in the top 6 most popular study destinations. The education system of these universities is excellent and recognized worldwide. Most of its universities take higher positions in the annual international ranking, indicating their quality education system and support for international students.

Powerful Media Industry

Amongst industry giants, the Australian media industry is internationally recognized and has been overgrowing. It is one of Australia's top and biggest industries, and it is home to many international companies such as Spectator and News Corp Australia.

Gender-Inclusive Market

The Australian market gives more advantages to females than males. According to the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) report, females are paid more than males in Australian media agencies. Women are taking more pivotal positions in job roles. So, for females pursuing media studies in Australia could be the best choice.

Work Opportunities During the Study

For international students, Australian universities allow work up to twenty hours per week with your student visa during the study. This part-time work gives you financial support and experience in your field to include in your resume.

List of Australian Universities Offering Media Sciences

The best Australian universities offering media and mass communication studies are below.



QS Ranking

Course offered


TAFE International Western Australia


Mass Communication and Media


The University of Queensland


Bachelor of Media


Curtin University


Digital and Social Media


Torrens University Australia


Design (Advanced)


Flinders University


Screen and Media Production (Basic level entry)


Monash University




University of Technology Sydney


Media Practice and Industry


University of Tasmania


strategic Communication


RMIT University


Media and Mass Communication


The University of Adelaide (UoA)


Bachelor of Media

Application Deadlines in Australian Universities For Media Studies

Australian universities offer higher education with excellent research opportunities, well-connected markets, and other factors making Australia a great destination for international students. The universities receive lakhs of students every year from all over the world. They generally admit students in three intakes.

Every intake has a complete procedure from application submission to the session beginning. You can choose any intake depending on the choice of university, availability of the desired course, and several other factors.

The Admission deadlines of some universities for three intakes are given below:

February Intake

Universities offer many good courses in this intake, and it is a popular intake for international students. The application deadline in this intake is generally between September to January for most of the courses. Application deadlines for some universities are given below.


The University 

Application Deadline


University of Technology, Sydney

31st August (Previous year)


University of New Castle

13th February


the University of Queensland

30th November (Previous year)  


University of Canberra

1st December


the University of Melbourne

30th November (Previous year)


Monash University

Rolling Deadline


the University of Sydney

15th-31st January

July Intake

Most international students prefer the July intake because of the low seats in the February intake. In this intake, you have many courses and universities to choose from. If you select this intake, you will get ample time to take your IELTS or other necessary tests for admission. Most students generally opt for this intake unless they face some issue. July Intake details of some universities are given below:



Application Deadline


University of Technology, Sydney

30th April


The University of New Castle

3rd July


University of Queensland

31st May


The University of Canberra

6th June


The University of Melbourne

31st October


Monash University

15th May- 15th September


University of Sydney

25th June


The University of Western Australia

1st June


The University of New England

17th June


University of New South Wales

31st March

November Intake

Universities barely offer a couple of seats in this intake, and it is the least preferred intake among international students.

But if you want to take some unique degree that most students don't take, it could be the best option. Monash and some other universities take admission throughout the year.

One best thing about this intake is that the probability to be selected is high if you meet the admission criteria. So it is advised to opt for this intake if you want to take admission without any hassle. So, International students must apply before the deadlines to get enough time to obtain the student visa.

Top 5 Universities for Media Sciences & Their Tuition Fees

Many universities in Australia offer media and mass communication courses. The top five universities offering media study courses and tuition fees are below:


Universities Name

QS Ranking 2022

Course Offered

Tuition Fees Per Annum


Queensland University of Technology


Bachelor of Journalism

LKR  4,209,776 / year


University of Sydney


Bachelor of Media

LKR  849,899 / year


Australian College of Christianity


Bachelor of Media

LKR  2,815,999 / year


Taylors College


Bachelor of Media

LKR  1,033,513 / year


Deakin College


Bachelor of Media

LKR  3,177,560 / year

Entry Requirements for Media Studies in Australian Universities

If you are thinking of studying media at Australian universities, you must fulfil some requirements before admission. Regardless of your academic background, you will have to provide proof of your academic achievements and relevant qualifications.

Some of the entry requirements for media studies in Australian universities are below.

Popular Media Study Programs in Australia

Australian universities offer a range of bachelor's and master's degrees in media studies. Some of the popular media study programs are given below:

  1. Bachelor of Digital Media
  2. Bachelor of Arts
  3. Bachelor of Interactive Media
  4. BA in Hospitality Management (Meetings and Events Management)
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Communication)
  6. Bachelor of Media and Communication
  7. Bachelor of Film and Television (Honors)
  8. Diploma in Film and Television
  9. Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media
  10. Bachelor of Media (Radio)
  11. Bachelor of Media ( Screen and Sound)
  12. Bachelor of Screen Media
  13. Bachelor of Creative Industries
  14. Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Film, Screen, and New Media)
  15. Bachelor of Communication ( Entertainment Industries)

What would it Cost to Study Media Studies at Australian Universities?

Australia is one of the most popular and renowned study destinations among international students. If you want to study at Australian universities, you must keep in mind that you should bear the expenses. Although many scholarships are provided to international students by the Australian government, the cost to study in Australia is a little bit high.

The typical annual fees for international students by official government site are below:

  • Master's degree - AUD 20,000 to 37,000
  • Doctoral degree - AUD 14,000 to 37,000

Jobs Prospects After Media Studies in Australian Universities

Graduating in media studies opens up many career options for international students. Some of the job roles are given below:

  1. News Anchor
  2. Journalist
  3. Translator
  4. Film Director
  5. Sound Engineer
  6. Media Advisor
  7. Digital Journalist
  8. Multimedia Producer
  9. Social Media Editor
  10. Creative Lead
  11. Events and Marketing Executive
  12. Native content editor
  13. Production coordinator
  14. Staff writer
  15. Web producer

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