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 Just like humans, organizations grow too. Like a beautiful infant that grows physically and intellectually to become a well-rounded adult, brands grow with time in several ways. Starting out as a simple service provider in the industry, a small team worked hard, seized the right opportunities and ascended to become an industry leader. They di...

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International Education Sector Australia

AUD 16 Million Allotted to the International Education Sector by Western Australia

As a new support package, Western Australia has now allocated AUD 16 million to support the state's international education sector. This support package is announced after the reopening of the borders due to the omicron variant. Cupcake Ipsum, 2015 Australia is working around the clock to help international students for a beneficial and safe return...

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80,000 International Students have Returned to Australia since International Borders Reopened

Australia is celebrating the milestone that's achieved in the past few weeks. Adding more to it, 6000 fully vaccinated international students are expected to arrive at Western Australia in the upcoming weeks, while its international borders are fully reopening on March 3. Cupcake Ipsum, 2015 Things have changed since the start of 2022 for internati...

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£63,140 Worth of Scholarships for MBA Students: University of East Anglia

With over 600 postgraduate students, Norwich Business School (NBS) offers New Horizons' scholarships with a total worth of £63,140 as a tuition fee reduction for MBA aspirants. Cupcake Ipsum, 2015 With 3,500 international students from over 100 countries, the University of East Anglia is offering the best study experience in the UK. In addition to ...

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Fleming College Accepts Duolingo Scores

Fleming College accepts Duolingo for Fall-2023 intake!

As a measure for Communication skills and to connect with subjects, Educational Institutions use different approved language tests to qualify applicants. Among which Duolingo is also now accepted as Language score for Fleming college, Canada - Fall 2023 intakes! Duolingo is a platform for learning 40 unique languages online/offline for FREE la...

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Upto £25,000 worth of Scholarships offered by the University Of Dundee to South Asian Students

The University of Dundee is offering a vice chancellor's scholarship to South Asian students who pursue UG and PG courses from September 2022 to January 2023. The scholarship awards are designed to offer from £5,000 upto a maximum value of £25,000. The University of Dundee is one of the world's leading universities that offers quality education and...

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Over 56,000 International Students have Returned to Australia in the Last Six Weeks Till 30 Jan

More than 56,000 international students have arrived in Australia since Nov 2021 and 7,000 of those arrived between 23 Jan & 30 Jan 2022 alone. Adding more to it, 50,000 more student visa applications have been filed since late 2021.No wonder why Australia is one of the favourite destinations for international students. More recently after the ...

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Exclusive announcement from British council for women scholars who pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) programs in the UK.Women STEM scholars can now avail themselves of around 100 scholarships to pursue master's courses and early academic fellowships across 26 universities in the UK in various disciplines including dat...

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James Cook University ranked #1 in the 2021 International Graduate Outcomes Survey

Synopsis: James Cook University, JCU is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia which is renowned for teaching and research excellence. GOS, Graduate Outcomes Survey announced the results of 2021 where JCU is ranked #1 for full-time employment & #2 in the international graduate earnings. Detailed article: Graduate outcomes survey,...

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Positive Ascent in Post Study Work Permit Holders in Canada!

The past decade has been really a turnover in international students' careers as they turned out to be the biggest workforce for Canada's economic growth. The exponential growth in the international student population over the years resulted in an increase in applications for Post-graduation work permits according to Canadian statistics. The contin...

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UK Scraps Face Masks & Vaccine Passports From Next Week

Just in: Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared that guidance to use face masks & Vaccine passports will be scrapped from 27th Jan 2022. In addition to that, employers are being asked to rip off work from home effectively from 20th Jan 2022. The UK Government is continuing to lift restrictions for travellers and international students. Consideri...

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No Visa Charges for International Students Travelling to Australia From 19th Jan 2022

Synopsis: Visa application fees to be rebated to International students who arrive in Australia from 19th Jan 2022. Prime Minister Scott Morrison called on visa holders to arrive in Australia as soon as possible since this waiver is applicable only for a period of eight weeks starting from 19th Jan 2022. Sensational: No visa charges for internation...

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No COVID Test Upon Arrival in the UK Very Soon!

Synopsis: The UK government is now planning to scrap the mandatory Covid-19 tests post arrival into the country for fully vaccinated travellers, including those from India. International students and UK travellers are actively welcoming this bold move. After the inconvenience faced by international students during the post-arrival covid tests, many...

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Australian Federal Government will Remove the `40 hour-a-fortnight Cap’ for International Students

Good News yet again! Especially for the international students who wish to earn more through part-time jobs while studying in Australia. Following the opening of Australia's international borders, there is another boost for student visa holder workers. Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently announced that international students and backpackers who ...

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The UWA Offers a $1500 Welcome Grant to all International Students

'AUD 1,500 Welcome Grant' offered by UWA for international students arriving in Perth for the first time in 2022 UWA Offers $1,500 Welcome Grants for all International Students Back to back good news! Australia: After the exciting announcement of international borders opening for travelers there comes the next news afresh for international students...

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Pre Departure Testing for International Students travelling to UK

No Pre-departure Travel Test for International Students Traveling to the UK

Starting 7th Jan 2022, International students can directly board flights to the UK without the hassle of Covid tests. "The pre-departure test discourages many from traveling for fear of being trapped overseas and incurring significant extra expense," said Mr Boris Johnson. Thanks to Prime Minister Boris Johnson! PCR tests will no longer be a requir...

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Vaccination Policy for International Students in Australia

Dec 2021, is such an exciting month for international students who want to pursue education in Australia. With more than a year of Covid pandemic restrictions, aspirants are now having a reposeful path in continuing their higher education in Australia. The commencement of 2022 and the end of 2021 have sparked off hope in the minds of international ...

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Australian Government confirms that no lockdown will be initiated despite rise in covid-19 cases

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has claimed that the days of lockdown are over as the daily COVID-19 case statistics continue to rise throughout the country. After 18 long months, Australia opened its borders on 15th December 2021 for international students and skilled workers. But in view of the current increase in Omicron spread Mr Morri...

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Key Information for students planning to study abroad amidst the Pandemic

Important points to remember for Students Planning to Study Abroad Amidst a Pandemic Beginning early permits you to pick the best area, Institution, and program to pursue for you, just that students need to plan their financial backups and funds for your fees. Starting off early allows you a superior opportunity to opt for financial aid that is gon...

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Australia Borders for International Students - (All set to embark)

Yes! IT IS OPEN!!! The Australian Borders for International students who have been eager to begin their higher education can finally travel to Australia as the borders are OPEN after 18 months from December 15th! The Australian borders that have been closed due to the widespread COVID pandemic have been opened and Australia will welcome internation...

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