TOEFL Exam Overview

TOEFL Full-Form: Test of English as a Foreign Language

What is TOEFL Exam?

(Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a recognised test that evaluates a person's mastery of the English language. The TOEFL Exam is frequently taken by people who want to study at a university or graduate school in another nation. It is available to anybody seeking to demonstrate English competence for academic purposes. This includes anyone applying to a foreign high school, exchange programme, community college, or a student visa. The ETS TOEFL focuses on how English is utilised in an academic setting, which is why colleges and institutions use TOEFL scores for admissions purposes. The reading sections on the TOEFL use formal, academic language and high-level vocabulary.

Educational Testing Service, a private nonprofit organisation that conducts educational research with a focus on testing, has administered a version of the TOEFL test to over 11,000 institutions throughout the world since 1965. A group of over 30 public and private universities collaborated to develop the test, which was designed to assess the English proficiency of new students who spoke English as a second language. Since 1965, more than 35 million people have taken the TOEFL, according to ETS. 

As technology and education have advanced, the test has evolved. The TOEFL iBT originated as a paper-based test, then moved to a computer-based test in 1998, and eventually to an internet-based test in 2005. The TOEFL iBT must be taken at an ETS-approved testing centre in person.

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The TOEFL iBT and TOEFL iBT Home Edition are the same in terms of content. The difference is that the latter is carried out in the privacy of one's own home. While many testing centres remained open during the epidemic, this new option allowed students to take the exam at home while maintaining test quality and security. The TOEFL has four sections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

TOEFL Exam Overview

TOEFL Full Form Test of English as Foreign Language
Conducted By Education Testing Servies (ETS)
Well-known as English Proficiency Test
TOEFL Exam Fee $160 - $300
Eligibility No specific Eligibility Criteria
TOEFL Score Validity 2 Years
Official website
TOEFL Exam Pattern Click Here
TOEFL Syllabus Find here

Difference between TOEFL PBT and TOEFL IBT

Classification TOEFL PBT TOEFL iBT
Full-Form Paper-Based Test Online-Based Test
Exam Duration 4 hours 3 hours
Venue Locations where the iBT® is not available Online
Frequency of conducting 4 times a year Over 50 times a year
Exam Fee US$180 $160 - $300
Score range 310 to 677 0-120
Exam Pattern Reading, Writing, Listening and Structure Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Why take TOEFL Exam?

  • This assessment is ideally suited for students who wish to pursue their education in an English-speaking country. But there are numerous other benefits for students to take it up. 
  • Students who are beginning their senior year of high school in an English-speaking country like Australia, Canada, UK, USA.
  • In English-speaking countries & for students enrolled in two-year community college programmes. 
  • Individuals who wish to obtain a licence or certification in a given subject can enrol & also people who need to prove their mastery of the English language in order to get entry into the United States.
  • Students can also take it up to assess their English language skills. 

What are the Types of TOEFL Exams?

TOEFL IBT is an abbreviation for TOEFL internet-based test. This test has supplanted the older TOEFL CBT (TOEFL Computer-based Test). The TOEFL IBT test is administered where internet and computer facilities are available. The majority of test centres around the world, uses an internet-based TOEFL testing system. It is the only exam that assesses all four academic English skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.
It is an abbreviation for Paper Based Test. TOEFL paper-based testing is used in areas of the world where the internet and computers are not available. The test pattern and scoring differ from those of the TOEFL IBT.

  1. TOEFL Junior
TOEFL Junior is a middle school level English Proficiency Test assessment. The TOEFL junior standard is a paper-based exam, whereas the TOEFL junior comprehensive is a computer-based exam.TOEFL junior standard subjects include Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, and Language Form and Meaning. Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking Comprehension is the subjects covered in the TOEFL Junior Comprehensive tests.

TOEFL ITP is an abbreviation for Institutional Training Program. The test is used to assess English Language Proficiency for the internal structure of institutes. These are very similar to the IELTS PBT. The only difference here is that the Test of Written Expression is not included.

TOEFL Registration Process in Srilanka

Begin the process by creating your ETS account on the ETS Website & click on the “Register Online”

  • Personal Information, Additional Information, Search Services, Username and Password, and Review & Submit are the sections that illustrate the many phases of the Registration procedure. This information must be filled in on each page.
  • Students must establish a Username, Password, and Security Question at the end of the account creation process.
  • After creating the account, the next step is to schedule your TOEFL exam for a Test Date at a test centre nearby. To do so, they must first sign in with the username and password just created.
  • Click on the Register / Find Test Centres and Dates to choose your area and Dates
  • When they choose a date from the list of available dates, they will be offered a list of available centres.
  • Students must click on one of the centres, they will be sent to the schedule for that location on that specific date. 
  • Following that, it will be required to submit identification verification and a phone number. 
  • The final step is payment, but not before ensuring that all of your information is correct.
  • Once successfully applied, they will receive a message in your email and ETS account with the exam details and test centre.

How to Register for TOEFL?


The TOEFL iBT® test is administered up to 6 days a week around the world at authorised test centres or at home, giving students plenty of options. Timing is important though, as appointments can fill up quickly!

  • Pick a test date that's at least 2 to 3 months before your earliest deadline.
  • Register approximately 4 months before your desired test date

A Quick Overview of Registration - ETS

Step 1

              Make the Account -  Fill in all of the information precisely as it appears on the ID, create a username and password, and submit.

Step 2

           Choose a Testing Method - Students can take the TOEFL iBT, the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition, or the TOEFL iBT® Paper Edition.

Step 3

           Choose a Location - Date, and Time — choose a test date to see available test locations, then select a time that works.

Step 4

Complete the registration by completing the remaining steps, selecting the score receivers, purchasing test prep, and paying for the exam.

Register Via Phone

If students are registering with their phone number they must ensure to have these documents in prior which is mentioned below: 

  • Name
  • Address (include country)
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number 
  • E-mail address
  • Test date
  • Registration number (not essential )
For students writing from Sri Lanka, you can register by contacting 60-3-7628-3333

Register via Email

If you are registering through email, ensure to download and fill out the registration form. Once that is done, mail the completed form to and the payment as well. 

TOEFL Exam fee in Sri Lanka

The cost for the TOEFL Exam is $185 and the Dates for the TOEFL Exam 2023 is mentioned below for Sri Lankan students.

The exam dates, month-wise for the iBT version of the exam for the city COLOMBO.


Exam Dates











The exam dates, month-wise for the iBT version of the exam for the city JAFFNA.


Exam Dates











TOEFL iBT Test Fees in Sri Lanka:

Type Fees
TOEFL iBT $160 - $300
Rescheduling $60
Late registration $40
Reinstatement of cancelled scores $20
Additional Score Reports (per agency) $20 each
Speaking/Writing Section Score Review $80
Both Speaking and Writing Section Score Review $160

TOEFL Exam Eligibility 2023

  • To take the TOEFL test, a candidate must have completed high school or equivalent education. Anyone who wishes to study abroad may take the TOEFL.
  • According to the test's creators, students should be older than 16  before taking the TOEFL.
  • The test requires students to read some difficult passages and be familiar with high-level vocabulary that most students are not exposed to until the 11th grade.
  • A candidate can take the TOEFL test as many times as they want, but there must be a 12-day gap between attempts.
  • There are two documents that must be carried for a TOEFL test: a TOEFL Admit Card and a valid form of identification.

What are the TOEFL Scholarships for International Students?

  • Small Grants for Doctoral Research in Second or Foreign Language Assessment: 
  • TOEFL Committee of Examiners Research Grant
  • TOEFL Young Students Series (YSS) Research Grants
  • TOEFL Awards (by application) 
  • Jacqueline Ross TOEFL Dissertation Award
  • TOEFL Awards (by nomination)
  • Samuel J. Messick Memorial Lecture Award
  • TOEFL Essentials New Scholar Award
Learn more about scholarships here.

TOEFL Exam Overview

What is the TOEFL test?
The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an English language assessment test. This is primarily used by non-native English speakers while applying to colleges abroad, where English is the standard mode of communication.

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