Best Cities to Study in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

Canada is reliably positioned as one of the finest countries and is presently the #1 best country for the nature of life. There are plenty of best cities to study in Canada. Concentrating on studying in Canada, you'll get globally perceived training from the top teachers and scholastics in the world. Learning in Canada is considerably more reasonab...

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Popular Courses in Canada for International Students

Canada, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with a picturesque landscape, proudly maintains a subtle yet substantial role in the academic sector by consistently placing universities at the top of worldwide rankings. Every year, a rising number of overseas students come to study in Canada. There are several courses available in Canada ...

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Post Study Work Visa Canada

Obtaining a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP Canada) while studying in Canada mainly depends on the length of your education. Typically, a work permit is issued under the PGWP for the duration of the study programme. The maximum length of the PGWP in Canada is three years. For instance, if your postgraduate degree is two years long, you will be is...

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Study Event Management in Canada for International Students

Canada is popular among students who wish to study abroad. According to the latest QS World University Ranking, Canada is home to some of the top universities in the world. These offer world-class education and accommodation facilities. This makes Canada a major attraction for students from around the globe. Event management is one of the top degre...

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Can I Study Medicine in Canada?

If you are an applicant wishing to study medicine in Canada, but you are not a Canadian Citizen and neither a Permanent Resident, keep in mind that not all faculties of medicine accept international students as applicants for the Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program. In a contrasting way, however, some faculties of medicine have entered into a contract ...

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LLB in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

Canada is a vast country that is very modern in different aspects of daily life. Canada hosts almost 200,000 students from other worlds every year. Canada is very well known and very famous for its academic performance. In today's world, it is one of the countries that is famous for its educational greatness and has prominent noteworthy universitie...

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One-Year Study Program in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

Canada is well known for its quality education. In addition, numerous institutes grant scholarships to their students in various fields, making studying in Canada more affordable. One-year study programs in Canada attract students who don't want to enrol themselves in long-term study programs. Such programs are also preferred due to their low degre...

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Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Studying abroad, especially in a country like Canada, can be costly. Being a student in a foreign country can be scary at times. Keeping up with the necessities may require spending more money than usual. You may be hesitant to request additional funds from your parents or sponsor. You might want to become more self-sufficient and support your fami...

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PhD in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

PhD in Canada allows international students to profit from the high-tech education and placement facilities offered at Canadian universities and work with leading experts. There are countless research opportunities in Canada to look out for as an international student after completing a PhD. International applicants looking to pursue the course mus...

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How to Study Data Science In Canada for International Students

For international students, Canada is one of the most well-known and sought-after worldwide locations for high-quality higher education. As the technologically driven world progresses, the glaring new field of Data Science has piqued the interest of technophiles and statisticians and young entrepreneurs and well-established business moguls. So, if ...

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PG Diploma Courses In Computer Science In Canada for International Students

A postgraduate diploma in computer science can benefit those who want to pursue a career. Canada has some of the best computer science programs globally. A Canadian institution diploma can open doors to many different opportunities. Graduates with a postgraduate diploma in computer science often find employment as software developers, system analys...

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MBA in Canada for International Students

Canada is a recognised nation for international students who want a postgraduate degree in a foreign country. Its high-quality education system and friendly environment draw the attention of many international students.Doing an MBA in Canada will open a new world of opportunities for international students. Many students want to do a master's in bu...

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Masters in Canada for International Students

Canada has become a famous country for international postgraduates. The popularity of the Canadian education system is because of its top-class universities, intellectual mentors, and cooperative environment.The 30 Canadian universities are included in the top 300 global universities worldwide. These universities offer different courses, and you ca...

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Aerospace Engineering Courses in Canada

Aerospace Engineering Courses in Canada

Aerospace engineering is the discipline of engineering that deals with the design, testing, manufacture, and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft. It is a hands-on, practical training programme that prepares students to fulfil the demands of the aerospace industry. Employers in Canada are eager to hire aerospace engineering graduates. Aerospace i...

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Study in Canada Without IELTS

Study in Canada Without IELTS

Suppose you are an international student planning to study in Canada. In that case, you will be required to appear for an IELTS language test. But what is IELTS, you may ask? IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, an English language exam. English is the primary language of communication in Canada, which explains the requiremen...

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Study Nursing in Canada for International Students

Study Nursing in Canada for International Students

Nursing is one of the most popular fields of study provided by universities in Canada, making it one of the greatest educational hubs in the world. Every province has a governing organisation that establishes the profession's standards and the qualifications that candidates must meet. It is worth emphasising that the Canadian healthcare system is h...

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Complete guide to study at university of canada west

Complete Guide to Study at University of Canada West for International Students

University Canada West (UCW) is a renowned and well-known university that is known for providing its thousands of students with top-of-the-line quality educational services for pursuing their higher education. Located in the region of Vancouver, in British Columbia, the province is known for providing its student populace with a multitude of career...

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Best Universities In Canada For International Students

96% of international students recommend Canada as a study destination. Post-secondary education is accessible in Canada at a variety of government-supported and private institutions. Such public organisations get a significant portion of their operational capital from the government and do not operate for profit. Following the conclusion of a progr...

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Job Opportunities in Canada

Job Opportunities in Canada for International Students

Studying your higher education in a country like Canada could be one of the remunerative decisions you would take. After graduation, most of the students would like to apply for their higher education or start working there to build up their career journey. For working in a country out of your homeland, you will need a post-study work permit to sta...

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Post Graduate Diploma Courses- in Canada

Postgraduate Diploma in Canada for International Students

Why Diploma in Canada  Studying for a graduate certificate or diploma provides students' to pursue necessary skills to showcase to their current or potential employers that they have the drive and personal desire to get the abilities they want. Postgraduate diplomas in Canada provide a lot of flexibility and a more hands-on approach in terms o...

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