Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students
Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students

International Scholarships for Srilanka Students

Today many university students require financial support, and scholarships are the most coveted type of financial aid. Many scholarships for international students are awarded based on merit or as acknowledgement for specific accomplishments. Other types of scholarships are available based on financial need. In either case, they are advantageous because they are regarded as prominent and can help students improve their resume as well as pay for the school. 

Scholarships for Sri Lankan students to study abroad provide additional time to focus on their studies, as the stresses of part-time jobs make it difficult for many students to graduate with high grades. Other students find the work/study lifestyle unsustainable, and many drop out of school entirely. It is an honour to be awarded a scholarship because students receive a scholarship based on merit, and competitive scholarships are so wonderful that they can claim them as accomplishments on the CV.

Many students leave college with massive student loan burdens. Their schooling is hampered by the prospect of repaying all of the money. It also puts enormous pressure on them to be placed in good placements. A scholarship, on the other hand, is money that permits students to pursue their aspirations. By removing the financial barrier, it assists in empowering academic and career ambitions. It allows students to pursue disciplines that require postgraduate education, such as MBAs. Scholarships make education and professional ambitions more accessible by reducing financial barriers.

Explore the top international scholarships for Srilankan students to study in Australiastudy in Canada, study in USA, Study in UK, Study in Ireland, and study in New Zealand.

Scholarships in Australia for Srilanka students

Australia is home to 40 universities offering over 22,000 courses that are recognized and respected around the world. Experience the vibrant cities and adventurous activities like skydiving, surfing and rock climbing. They are cultural diversity juxtaposes the sense of belonging beautifully. There are scholarships in Australia that are offered by the government to assist international students. Over $300 million encouraging students. Some of the scholarships are the Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) and Australian awards. 

Scholarships for Srilanka Students – Highlights:

  • Reduction in tuition fees
  • Tuition fee-waivers 
  • Establishment allowance
Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students
Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students

Scholarships in Canada

Want to study in a vibrant coastal city and visit Niagra falls? Canada is ranked as the #1best country for the quality of life. It is friendly and has a pot of diverse cultures. They are renowned for their academic excellence, safe campuses and high standards. Canada is globally leading in, telecommunications,  software development, urban transport, aerospace engineering, biotechnology, environmental industries, and mining technology. There is scholarship to study in canada such as Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan and Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship.

Study Abroad Canada Scholarship Benefits:

  • Travel expenses 
  • Research grants 
  • Living expenses

Scholarships in New Zealand

If students are interested in research-based degrees, then new Zealand is ideal as it offers abundant research opportunities and great quality of life. It offers a safe learning environment with exemplary study opportunities and extensive support for international students. The cost of studying in New Zealand is better than in other countries. All eight of New Zealand's institutions are ranked among the top 100 in the 2017 QS World University Rankings. There is various scholarship in new zealand such as Tongarewa Scholarship and New Zealand Aid Programme.

New Zealand Scholarship Highlights:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation 
  • Health insurance
Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students
Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students

Scholarships in USA Srilanka Students

There are scholarships in usa offered to students who are willing to experience world-class education, flexible curriculum and diverse culture. Acquiring a degree from a US university is respected and recognized throughout the world for its academic excellence. The curriculum framework places equal focus on developing a strong academic foundation as well as practical, job-related abilities. They have extensive support given to students through various programmes and scholarships such as Foreign Fulbright Student Program and Humphrey Fellowship Program. 

USA Scholarship Benefits:

  • Research grants 
  • Tuition fees
  • Travel grants

Scholarships in UK

The UK is also renowned for the flexible shorter courses and world-class education around the world. According to QS world university rankings, nearly a fifth of the top 50 universities is situated in the UK. The UK is the second most popular destination in the world. One of the main reasons why students wish to study in uk is due to the flexibility and short degrees. Some of the Uk Scholarships for international students are Commonwealth Scholarships and GREAT Scholarships. 

Scholarship Benefits in UK:

  • Travel costs 
  • Living allowance 
  • Tuition fees 
Scholarships for Sri Lanka Students

Scholarships in Ireland

Ireland is a small island country located on Europe's westernmost coast. They are the world's biggest tech and pharmaceutical businesses, and pioneers in agricultural products which are respected all over the world. According to the  IMB World Competitiveness Ranking 2019,  Ireland is ranked in the top ten for education and offers students one of the world's best education systems, with world-class institutions, a wide selection of degree choices, and globally recognized qualifications. There are scholarships in ireland extended to students such as E3 Excellence Postgraduate Placements and Ireland NCI Future Leaders International Awards. 

Study Abroad Scholarship Benefits:

  • Stipend
  • Tuition fees
  • Fellowships