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Hospitality Management Courses in Australia for International Students

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Blog Summary Discover hospitality management courses in Australia, providing international students with skills for a rewarding career in the industry.

Hospitality Management Course gives students the skills and information students need to work in the hospitality business. It is appropriate for people who desire to enhance their careers in this exciting, diversified, and dynamic profession. The hospital management course in Australia encapsulates the hands-on learning syllabus with a diverse set of hospitality talents in the industry. To supervise hospitality operations, they'll need managerial abilities and a thorough understanding of the business. Graduates from Hospitality management courses in Australia will be self-sufficient, responsible for others, and make a variety of operational business decisions.

Hospitality Management courses are one of the most in-demand courses in the world. This industry is enormous, with several work prospects for the burgeoning career. A degree in hospitality management will lead to a fascinating profession with multiple prospects in a variety of fields, as well as a good wage range. Major hospitality firms are focusing on attracting employees with an international business and cultural perspective to help them scale for success in the global marketplace.

Key Highlights about Courses

  • Course Length
  • Fees
  • Entry Requirements

The duration of this programme is three years. Candidates with a Class 12 diploma in any subject (Humanities, Commerce, or Science) are eligible to pursue this programme.

 The cost to study Hotel Management and Hospitality in Australia for international students is from AU$ 15,000 to AU$ 33,000 per academic year.

  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Completion of Year 12 or equivalent
  • English level of at least IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
  • Experience within the relevant industry

Hospitality Management courses in Australia is a very competitive industry however, students may discover different hospitality companies all around the world. It is astonishing how much freedom it gives graduates to pursue diverse professional paths. Graduates of hotel management programmes can pursue a career in their field of expertise or change to a related sector. Because most hospitality workers are paid more than in any other industry, this is a highly sought-after vocation. After completing a bachelor's or master's degree in Hospitality Management, students will have the necessary skills to launch their own career in a fast-growing hotel or hospitality business, as hospitality graduates have exceptional customer service and problem-solving skills, as well as a thorough understanding of financials and fundamental guest services knowledge.

About Hospitality Management Course

Many Hospitality Management programmes offer a variety of degree types such as Bachelor's, Master's, Diplomas, and Associate's degrees that provide a strong blend of business courses such as accounting, economics, marketing, administration, and human resource management as well as innovative soft skills and core communicative skills.

  • Hospitality management courses in Melbourne Australia encompasses a wide range of jobs and professional practices related to management

Application Requirement for Hospitality Management in Australia

Here is the application requirements to study Hospitality Management courses in Australia for International Students

  • Higher school certificate/ Intermediate level transcripts, character 
  • Certificates and Provisional certificates.
  • Passport
  • English proficiency tests (IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE)
  • Application fees
  • Proof of Scholarships if applicable

Hospitality Management Courses in Australia for International Students

Hospitality and Tourism Management is a burgeoning business that offers exciting prospects to graduates all around the world. As a result, high-quality training is in high demand among those who wish to work in this attractive and fast-paced industry. Universities in Australia give exactly this type of education. As a result, student enrollment in their courses has increased by more than 30%.

Australia is also a popular tourist destination today, thanks to its stunning scenery and vibrant culture. The Australian hospitality industry, which is at the heart of luxury and delicacy, provides students with the opportunity to learn from the world's top players and grasp what distinguishes the best brands of hospitality.

Universities Specialization Program Fee per Year
Southern Cross University Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management AUD 68,400
Torrens University Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management AUD 93,000
The Hotel School Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management AUD 82,800
The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School Diploma of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) AUD 31,000
International College of Hotel management Bachelor of Hospitality Management AUD 78,168
University of Queensland Bachelors of International Hotel and Tourism Management AUD 84,544
Griffith University Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management AUD 67,000

Certificate Courses in Tourism and Hospitality Management



Hospitality management in Australia fee structure

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management Patisserie [Melbourne]

Le Cordon Bleu Australia

AUD 63,000

Diploma of Hospitality Management

Charles Darwin University

AUD 29,000

Diploma of Hotel Management 

Edith Cowan College

AUD 24,000 

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management - Patisserie [Brisbane]

Le Cordon Bleu Australia

AUD 13,500 

Diploma of Hospitality Management [Melbourne]

William Angliss Institute of TAFE

AUD 16,400

Diploma of Hospitality Management


AUD 21,900

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management [Melbourne]

William Angliss Institute of TAFE 

AUD 24,600

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery

TAFE Western Australia

AUD 16,040

Professional Courses in Hospitality Management



Hospitality management in Australia fee structure

Bachelor Of Business In International Hotel Management

Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide & Sydney


Master of International Hotel Management

At Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School

AUD 48,000

Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

At William Angliss Institute of TAFE

AUD 59,180

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management 

Griffith University 

AUD 88,500

Master of Business Administration - Tourism And Hospitality Leadership

Kaplan Business School

AUD 47,880

Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality)

La Trobe University

AUD 107,400

Master of International Hospitality Management

Le Cordon Bleu Australia 

AUD 51,410

Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality

La Trobe University 

AUD 114,600

Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management

Monash University

AUD 72,000

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Melbourne Polytechnic

AUD 54,960

Best Universities in Australia for Hotel Management

Australia is home to some of the best universities in the world that offer quality education for International students. A bright career in hotel and hospitality management is in your hand only if you are capable of selecting the best university for it.

Here you can find the top universities in Australia whose degree in hotel management shall secure your future scope and lead you towards recognition in this era of competition.

  • The University of Queensland
  • Le Cordon Bleu Australia
  • Southern Cross University
  • Bond University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Victoria University
  • The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
  • The Hotel School, Sydney & Melbourne
  • Murdoch University
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Torrens University
  • La Trobe University
  • Griffith University
  • William Blue College at Hospitality Management
  • Kaplan Business School
  • William Angliss Institute

How Much Does it Cost to Study in Australia?

Australia, as one of the world's most urbanised and multicultural countries, provides potential expatriates with a high standard of living. The Land Down Under, home to beaches and deserts, kangaroos and the Outback, the Sydney Opera House and the ancient Melbourne Cricket Ground, provides a fascinating mix of natural beauty and a cosmopolitan living environment to its citizens

Expenses to Study in Australia


Australian Student Visa Fees

AUD 630 

Application Fees

AUD50 to 100

TOEFL Application Fees

LKR 50000

IELTS Application Fees

LKR 400000

Health Insurance

AUD 200 AUD 500

Flight Charge

LKR 1,36,101

How Much take the Monthly Cost of Living in Australia?

For international students, Australia's high-quality courses, supporting institutions, livable cities, and fantastic lifestyle make it an affordable alternative.


AUD1500 -AUD 2000


AUD 15 - AUD20


AUD 77


AUD 150

Scholarships in Australia for Hospitality Management

Various Universities provide students with Scholarships & the Australian government also provides scholarships to international students. Some of the scholarships for Hospitality Management courses in Australia are;

  • Torrens University Australia
  • Monash International Tuition Scholarship (MITS) 2022
  • La Trobe International Scholarship, 2021-22
  • Charles Darwin University - Vice-Chancellor's International High Achiever's Scholarship In Australia 2022

Hospitality Hotel Management Jobs in Australia

It prepares students to operate as a department or small business manager in any sector of the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotels, motels, catering enterprises, clubs, taverns, cafes, and coffee shops are among the diverse employers. Multitasking and speciality in accommodation services, culinary, food and beverage, and gaming are all possible with this certificate. The courses teach practical experience and outstanding managerial skills, as well as real-world experience.

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Restaurants and Commercial food service
  • Food and Beverages industry
  • Meeting and Event Management
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Entertainment and Sports Management
  • Airlines, Cruises and other transportation
  • Spa and Wellness Management
  • Casino Management
  • Catering and Event Entrepreneur
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality Marketing and Media
  • Hospitality Real Estate
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Finance and Revenue
  • Communication and Advertising

A large portion of every country's income comes from its tourism department, and as tourism grows, so does the demand for hospitality centres and graduates. In the coming years, hospitality employers are expected to offer more high-skilled openings, raise starting salaries, provide clear career development opportunities, and implement new strategies to entice and retain hospitality managers.

So, if you have strong communication skills, a colourful personality, a creative mind, and a drive to provide excellent service to others, this fast-paced sector could be a good fit for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hospitality Management in demand in Australia?
Australia is a popular tourist destination, and career opportunities in the hospitality industry are growing. In Australia, the average income for a Bachelor of Hospitality Management candidate is roughly AUD 60,000.
Where can I study hospitality in Australia?
Some of Australia's greatest universities and colleges for studying hospitality management are listed below. Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School. Griffith University. The University of Queensland. James Cook University. Edith Cowan University. International College of Management Sydney. Kaplan Business School.
What is the fees of a hotel management course in Australia?
The average program fee of Australian universities offering degrees in hotel management ranges between 23,000 AUD to 85,000 AUD.

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