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Part-Time Job For International Students In the USA

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Blog Summary Discover part-time job opportunities for international students in the USA. Learn how to balance work and studies while experiencing American culture.
Part time Jobs in USA

While attending college, many international students pursue part-time jobs to supplement their income and gain experience. Occasionally, only a few employers are open to overseas students because they stay in the country on a student visa. Knowing what part-time jobs are accessible to you if you're an overseas student who wants to work while attending school is essential

International students on student visas can only work a certain number of hours per week in part-time occupations. Many international students decide to work at their colleges or universities because they frequently have regulations that make it simpler to acquire on-campus employment. However, visa eligibility can limit the types of occupations for which an international student qualifies.

Did You Know? Most part-time jobs offer flexible schedules that give students plenty of time for classes and assignments. They also very rarely interfere with a student's academic performance.

Every student's goal is to be able to study in the United States. You may ensure you have enough time to finish your projects and earn extra money by working part-time in the USA. The F-1 visa authorises you to work on the premises for 18–20 hours each week; however, the hours are doubled during the summer. The best part for international students is that after the first twelve months, you have the option on this visa to work outside the college site if you fall under one of the following categories such as Optional Practical Training (OPT).

What are the Rules & Regulations for Part-Time Jobs in the USA?

There are rules for off-campus employment in the United States and those that apply to on-campus employment. So, the following is a list of guidelines that students in the USA must abide by when working off campus:

1. Students must keep their F-1 status.

2. To work legally, students must obtain OPT (Optional Practical Training) or CPT authorisation (Curricular Practical Training).

3. Without permission, a student cannot work off-campus in the United States because it is illegal and they risk facing harsh consequences.

4. The position ought to be relevant to your field.

6. A student cannot have participated in CPT during the previous 12 months.

7. A full-time OPT for students can only be used for a year.

8. While restarting classes, you may work no more than 10 hours per week; however, during breaks, you may work full-time.

Types of Part-Time Jobs in the USA

Working part-time while you are a student in the United States may help you pay for a few extra expenses or support travel and leisure activities that would otherwise be beyond the financial means of an undergraduate. For students looking for part-time work, there are two categories accessible in the US. They are as follows:

  • On-Campus Part-Time Job
  • Off-Campus Part-Time Job

On-Campus Part-Time Job

The USCIS requirements are most lax when it comes to on-campus employment, which is permissible without prior USCIS permission. The following regulations apply to F-1 students seeking on-campus employment in the USA:

  • You can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session as long as your F-1 status is still valid.
  • If you plan to enrol in classes the following semester, you are permitted to work full-time during breaks and vacations.
  • An American citizen cannot be replaced (have their work taken away) by the employer.

Off-Campus Jobs

For overseas students, off-campus employment regulations in the USA are often more stringent. International students must follow the following requirements:

  • You must keep your F-1 status current.
  • You must acquire the relevant OPT or CPT work authorisation. These employment opportunities may be curriculum-related or related to your field of study.

If you can prove that you are experiencing extreme financial hardship, you can also work off-campus.

NOTE: If international students do not have the necessary authorisation, working off campus is against the law.



Research Study Assistant

Customer Care Representative

Teaching Assistant

Tour Guide

Computer Lab Technician


Library Page

Store Associate

University Campus Tour Guide


Department Assistant


Peer Tutor




Campus Ambassador


Production Assistant


Catering Assistant & Food Runner


Top 10 Part-time Jobs in USA

Campus Representative

  • Campus ambassadors are in charge of marketing the school and outlining the benefits of applying. This is a fantastic position for someone who enjoys meeting new people and working in a team.
  • On open days, you can be invited to provide tours of the university's campus while imparting your knowledge of the institution and other fascinating details.

The average hourly wage is $10.94.


If your university has a cafe on campus, you can work well there. You can get cheaper (or even accessible!) coffee there, and it's a terrific place to meet new people. Your days will likely be hectic and filled with creating hot and cold drinks and serving customers.

Average wage: $11.59 per hour

Supporting Educator

An on-campus teaching assistant is supposed to keep an eye on class activities and carefully assist any problematic students. With enough prior experience, you can serve as a higher-level teaching assistant, taking charge of your classes and grading students' assignments.

Average hourly pay: $11.85

Assistant Librarian

A library assistant's employment is diversified and ideal for people who want to work and study in the US simultaneously. You'll be in charge of organising the bookshelves, guiding consumers toward books and other materials, and offering suggestions for worthwhile reading. Additionally, you will be required to assist with event planning and administrative support for the librarians during the academic year—

Average wage: $13.24 per hour

Front-desk Worker

A university receptionist's responsibilities may include general office support and administration, customer service, and phone and email communication with students and staff. Ask your career centre where to look on campus for part-time receptionist jobs, as larger departments, student unions, and other vital buildings may all have openings.

Average hourly wage: $13.31

Research and Development Assistant

A research study assistant is one of the highest-paying part-time jobs available to international students on campus. The job description will vary depending on which department you work for. Still, you can expect to work on various projects, conduct research, maintain lab equipment, and compile results. You must have excellent organisational skills to find work as a research study assistant. Furthermore, excellent interpersonal skills and a genuine enthusiasm for the research are advantageous.

Average hourly wage: $15.48

Assistant to the Department

A department assistant position is one of the best on-campus jobs in the United States for international students. You will gain many transferable skills for your CV. You will provide administrative and secretarial support for a department, handling departmental matters, and assisting specific teams or projects. To be considered for a department assistant position, you must be computer literate and possess strong teamwork, problem-solving, and communication abilities.

Average wage: $16.44

Catering Assistant or Food Runner

Alternatively, if your university has on-campus cafes, restaurants, or other dining facilities that serve food to eat in, you might be able to find work as a front-of-house assistant or runner. A job in hospitality is one of the most flexible in terms of working hours, making it ideal for international students studying and working in the United States.

Average hourly wage: $16.81

Sales Representative

If your university has a mini-market or corner shop on campus, this is another excellent way to supplement your studies. Furthermore, many universities have shops that sell branded clothing and merchandise, which is another good source of part-time work for an international student.

Average hourly wage: $20.00

Tutoring or Peer Mentoring

If you don't want to be a teaching assistant but want to do something similar, tutoring or peer mentoring is an excellent job for international students working in the United States. As needed, the role entails assisting other students with their course content, reading, or assignments. This job is especially well-suited to international students, who can often provide mentees with a new perspective or learning method.

Average hourly wage: $15.00

Eligibility Criteria for Part-Time Jobs in the USA for International Students

Studying in the USA is a fulfilling dream for any student. A part-time job in the United States will ensure you have enough time to complete your projects while also earning extra money. The F-1 visa allows you to work on the property for approximately 18-20 hours per week; however, these hours double during vacation. The best part for international students is that after the first twelve months, you can work outside the college site on this visa.

Part-Time Jobs Salary in the USA for International Students

S No.

Highest-paying part-time jobs

Average wages per hour


Campus ambassador






Teaching assistant



Library assistant






Research study assistant



Department Assistant



Food runner or catering assistant



Sales assistant



Tutor or peer mentor



Catering assistants





How to find part-time Jobs in the USA?

Finding a part-time job in the United States can be difficult, especially if you are an international student with no professional network. Here are some places to look for part-time jobs in the United States:

  • Offices typical of a university/Student Union/Career Services: Most of the time, you'll find assistance and opportunities. International students may also have different career services at US universities, offering them not only training but also internship and part-time on-campus opportunities.
  • Career Services Office: Your university's career services office can assist you in finding employment opportunities.
  • Student Unions: They can help you by informing you of upcoming vacancies and how to apply.
  • University Departments: If your university has multiple departments, numerous temporary jobs will likely be available at these universities. It is best to approach them and inquire about them.
  • Online portals: If you cannot find work offline, one of the most effective ways to find part-time work is through online portals such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and others.
  • To find a suitable on-campus job, go to the university's employment portal to find a suitable on-campus job. After reviewing the job's eligibility requirements, you can apply for a specific job profile.
  • Networking: Stay in touch, especially with seniors, who can point you in the right direction. When graduating students are asked to find a replacement, networking with them is highly beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opportunities for international students to work part-time in the USA?
International students in the USA can typically work part-time on-campus during their studies and may also be eligible for off-campus employment through Optional Practical Training (OPT) after completing their program.
How many hours can international students work part-time in the USA while studying?
International students on F-1 visas can generally work up to 20 hours per week on-campus during the academic year and full-time during school breaks.
What is Optional Practical Training (OPT), and how does it benefit international students?
OPT is a work authorization program that allows international students to gain practical work experience in their field of study for up to 12 months (or 36 months for STEM fields) after completing their program.
Are there any restrictions or requirements for international students seeking part-time employment in the USA?
Yes, international students must meet certain eligibility criteria, maintain their F-1 status, and obtain proper work authorization before engaging in off-campus employment.
Where can international students find information on available part-time job opportunities in the USA?
They can explore job postings on their university's career services website, visit on-campus job fairs, and check online job boards and classifieds.

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