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PG Diploma Courses in Australia for International Students

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Blog Summary Discover postgraduate diploma courses in Australia designed for international students. Expand your skills and career prospects in a diverse environment.
PG Diploma Courses in Australia

International students have the world's top organisations offering PG Diploma Courses in different fields and train undergraduates with a-list conveniences, informed authority addresses and give present review work grants on them to investigate open doors in Australia. In this blog, you will find the rundown of spaces that offer the best PG diploma Courses to Study in Australia, which is generally famous among global understudies occasionally! With an Australian focus, you can enjoy a great student atmosphere in and out of the classroom. Even though you have some of the best business and design schools in the world, you want to explore a wild country developed in a warm environment with a beautiful coastline and a vast northern wilderness with 500 parks. Many Australian universities offer placement and employment opportunities and prepare students for direct employment in the market. If you want to study in Australia and are interested to know more about PG diploma courses in Australia for international students, you can read the blog further.

Why pursue a Post-graduation Diploma in Australia?

Australia is renowned for its multiculturalism, which gives international undergraduates the experience of interacting with people from many societies and identities. Australia is a popular destination for overseas students because of its top-notch education, welcoming culture, postgraduate job prospects, and high standard of living.

  • Affordability:

Australia is currently the most popular study destination for international students in English-speaking countries after the UK and the US. Most of the courses taught in Australia are short but instructive. Courses offered at Australian universities are significantly less expensive than courses offered at other famous institutions.

  • Quality of Education:

With six of them ranking in the renowned Top 100, Australia is home to some of the most critical institutions in the world. Students can choose from various courses in their field and the universities that offer them. Australia's approach to vocational education is recognised as one of the most innovative in the world in terms of quality education. All universities focus on practical education and believe in meeting the needs of their students through a deep understanding of the subject.

  • Living Expenses:

Australia's cost of living is high but cheaper than in the UK or the US. The good news is that students benefit significantly in terms of the cost of living by living in Australia.

  • Prospects for higher education:

While attending an Australian institution, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week. You can use this opportunity to earn a living during your stay. It will also help you gain work experience while studying in your field of interest. Finding a job to earn a living after studying in Australia is pretty straightforward. Various careers are available in various fields such as agriculture, aviation, data analysis, cybersecurity, digital marketing, business intelligence, software development, and more. Your employer will be impressed by your Australian Degree and international exposure if you choose to return to your home country.

  • Cultural Diversity

One of the world's most culturally varied nations is Australia. Because of the people's well-known friendliness, openness, and laid-back attitude, making friends is simple. Due to strong gun laws and low crime rates, the nation is safe. It offers a vibrant art scene, a lovely, laid-back atmosphere, and a high standard of living.

  • Beautiful Landscape

Australia, bordered by the Pacific and Indian oceans, offers the ideal blend of white sand beaches, breathtaking rainforests, deserts, world heritage sites, and amazing landscapes. There are many islands, national parks, and beaches.

Types of Postgraduate Qualifications in Australia

The postgraduate degrees available through the Australian educational system allow each student to pursue their academic interests. There are two types of postgraduate degrees in Australia: coursework and research. The coursework degrees focus primarily on providing a theoretical foundation. In this course, tests are administered to assess students. A research degree focuses more on the practical aspects of research that put you ahead of real problems.

  • Postgraduate research qualifications
    • Master's Degree (by research)
    • Research Doctorate (PhD)
  • Postgraduate Coursework Qualifications
    • Graduate Certificate
    • Graduate Diploma
    • Master's Degree (by coursework)
    • Master's Degree (by extended)
    • Doctorate

Best PG Diploma Courses in Australia

Australian universities offer a wide range of specializations and majors. From graphic design to ethical hacking to STEM programs, you can find the right course to suit your interests and preferences. The best degree programs in Australia are:

  • Geology
  • Australian Law
  • Medical Science
  • Digital Enterprise
  • Architecture
  • Business Analytics
  • Computing and IT
  • Health Science
  • Business Management.

Top Universities to Study PG Diploma Courses in Australia

There are 43 universities in Australia, primarily public institutions and many other educational institutions. About 15 universities studying in Australia are among the top 250 universities in the world. Several universities in Australia offer courses leading to undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs. Studying at the best universities in Australia can be expensive for international students, but the costs are still comparable to countries like the US or the UK. The average cost of a PG Diploma program in Australia is between AUD 30,000 and AUD 40,000 per year. Famous Universities are given.


Course Offered

Course Duration

Tuition Fees in AUD

University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Government Law

6 Month


Graduate Diploma in Asian Law

6 Month


Graduate Diploma in Environmental Law

6 Month


Graduate Diploma in Arts and Cultural Management

6 Month


Graduate Diploma in Psychology

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Law

1 Year


The University of Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Medicine

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Science in Medicine

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Health Policy

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Public Health

6 Month


Graduate Diploma in Law

6 Month


Graduate Diploma in International Law

6 Month


University of New South Wales

Graduate Diploma in Design

9 Month


Graduate Diploma in City Planning

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Engineering

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Engineering Science

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Global Health

1 Year


Australian Academy of Music and Performing Arts

Graduate Diploma of Music

1 Year


The University of Queensland

Graduate Diploma of Business

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Interaction Design

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Epidemiology

1 Year


RMIT University

Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing

1 Year


Advanced Diploma in Journalism

1 Year


Graduate Diploma in Property

1 Year


Southern Cross University

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

2 Year


Macquarie University

Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology

1 Year


Graduate Diploma of Australian Law



Graduate Diploma of Law



Graduate Diploma of Business

1 Year


James Cook University

Graduate Diploma of Psychology

1.8 Year


PG Diploma Courses In Australia: Eligibility Criteria

Admission requirements and admission procedures for institutions of higher education vary from institution to institution. To apply to study at an Australian university, you must meet the university's academic requirements and demonstrate English proficiency. The most common requirements include:

  • The minimum age is 16 years old. Enrollment may be delayed if your age does not meet the requirements of some universities.
  • A bachelor's degree certificate is equivalent to an Australian bachelor's degree.
  • Evidence of your English proficiency, such as a B. IELTS score of at least 6.5.
  • For some courses, work experience may be an advantage.

Always check the university's website for the requirements for the desired degree.

PG Diploma Courses In Australia: Admission Process

Before applying to a college, you should thoroughly research the subject, college, and area. Also, consider your area of specialization, what each course offers, and the major that best fits your long-term career goals. You can then choose the university that best suits your needs. Keep in mind the size and facilities of the university campus and the international student support system.

You must verify your eligibility before starting or submitting an application. Check the university website to see if you qualify. Make sure it is suitable for your course. Your application may be rejected if you do not meet the eligibility requirements. If you feel unsure, contact the institution if it is not too much trouble. Also, ask other questions such as English language tests and application deadlines. Additionally, the necessities change from one college to another. Before applying, you must check your eligibility for each school.

How to Study for a PG Diploma In Australia?

  • Select your university and apply for your desired Australian PG diploma (primary, intermediate, minor)
  • Visit the website of the institution of your choice and complete the course application form.
  • Please attach these documents to ensure there are no errors before submitting your application.
    • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
    • Proof of Fund
    • 2-3 letters of recommendation (ENT).
    • PTE, IELTS or equivalent test results
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Bachelor's Degree Certificate
  • Now, it remains to wait for a decision on the online application. If accepted, you will receive an offer that needs to be confirmed.

Scholarships to Study PG Diploma In Australia

Australia is one of the popular countries for higher education abroad. From quality education, professional teachers and diverse programs to a wide range of research and career opportunities and affordable tuition fees, the country's outstanding education and specialities should be at the top of the list. The Universities offer several scholarships in Australia. Appropriate scholarships for students who want to study in Australia can help them dream about studying in Australia. Some of the best scholarships:

Scholarships Name



Amount in AUD

Pathway to Victoria Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

New students who receive an offer to transfer to a VE or HE program must begin after July 2021 and complete the course from February 2022 to July 2023. No, you must be currently enrolled in a university and have a valid CoE package or student visa at the start of your first package.


Australia Award Scholarship

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) offers full scholarships to international students from all over the world. This scholarship is open to all study programs at UG and PG level. These scholarships are designed to enable students from developing countries to study at participating Australian Universities and Institutes of Engineering and Further Education (TAFE).

Applicants must receive an unconditional offer from the ACU.

Applicants must live in an area designated by the Remote Rural Area (RRMA).

Applicants must not have previously studied at ACU.

You must be able to take the IELTS, the ACU English test, etc.

All relevant documents and certificates from the previous academic level must be submitted.

Includes Full tuition, accommodation, textbooks, one-time round-trip airfare, academic introductory program, and living expenses,

RMIT Accommodation Scholarship

RMIT offers various scholarships for international freshmen in all fields of study.

Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent resident of Australia or holder of a humanitarian permanent resident visa from a daytime or rural area/region moving to Melbourne to study at RMIT in the first semester of 2023/transferring to study at RMIT. At least one-semester program, PG diploma, degree, or graduate program at RMIT in 2023

AUD 5200

Career Prospects after PG Diploma in Australia

Jobs Roles

Salary in AUD

Aeronautical Engineer


Practice Manager


ICT Support Officer


Clinical Manager


Electrical Engineer


There are several graduate opportunities in Australia with an average annual income of $66,000. Almost $34 an hour. Competitive earnings for entry-level jobs start at $61,000, while skilled professionals earn $99,000 yearly. Salaries range from AUD 26 to AUD 29 per hour for various positions, including early childhood educators or certified educators. Registered nurses with a bachelor's degree can earn up to $89,000 in mental health programs.

Australia is a great place to offer the best universities and programs to international students worldwide. Indian students may choose a certificate program for a variety of reasons. I sincerely hope this blog has provided you with all the knowledge you need to make the best decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are PG diploma courses, and how do they differ from regular master's degrees?
PG diploma courses are postgraduate programs that are shorter in duration than master's degrees and often focus more on practical skills and specific fields of study.
What types of PG diploma courses are available for international students in Australia?
Australia offers a wide range of PG diploma courses in areas like business, information technology, engineering, health, and more.
What are the eligibility criteria for international students to enroll in PG diploma courses in Australia?
Eligibility criteria may vary by institution and program, but typically, students need a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications.
Are there scholarships or financial support options for international students pursuing PG diploma courses in Australia?
Some institutions and organizations offer scholarships and financial aid to international students. Applicants should check with specific institutions for details.
How can international students benefit from completing PG diploma courses in Australia?
PG diploma courses can enhance career prospects, provide specialized knowledge, and serve as a pathway to further studies or work opportunities in Australia.

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