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LLB in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

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Blog Summary Learn about LLB programs in Canada designed for Sri Lankan students, providing opportunities for legal education abroad.

Canada is a vast country that is very modern in different aspects of daily life. Canada hosts almost 200,000 students from other worlds every year. Canada is very well known and very famous for its academic performance. In today's world, it is one of the countries that is famous for its educational greatness and has prominent noteworthy universities. Peoples wish to study in Canada because of its high-ranking universities in the world. Canada offers Sri Lankan students to study in their universities. Canada is well known for its law degree. LLB in Canada for Sri Lankan students is a good option as the law is not an ordinary degree that people choose to study but is one of the highest-paid professions. Canada is famous for its law schools worldwide, so if you study there, it will open many opportunities for you.

Why Pursue LLB in Canada?

Canada is also a famous and well-known country for its higher education. Canada has a tremendous academic system and noteworthy universities. Law degree in Canada is very well known, so it is beneficial for students to study there. By studying law in Canada, students will get great opportunities. In Canada, the cost of living and studying is not too much, so it is very beneficial for Sri Lankan students to study there. Canada opens policies for Sri Lankan students to study there. These policies are for those who don't have enough money to fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. So, this SDS visa program has been officially valid and applied. The advantages of SDS are as follows:

  • There is no need for financial proof.
  • No study plan is required.
  • You can apply to most Canadian universities without any limitations.
  • You have to score only 6.0 in IELTS.

LLB in Canada: Course Highlights

The Canadian law system is built on the British standard law system. Canada is home to the world's leading law schools, and their study in law is precious. The Canadian law degree is widely recognised around the globe. Canada offers two types of laws for Sri Lankan students.

  • Bachelor of law programs
  • Master of law programs

A bachelor's degree in law is three years after high school, and a master of law can be studied after a bachelor of the law of 2 years.

There are different law courses which universities in Canada offer. Here are some famous law courses Canadian universities offer after high school.

  • BA in society and law
  • Law clerk (diploma)
  • Paralegal studies (diploma)
  • Law of property
  • Law of cyberspace
  • Constitution law of Canada
  • Law of Administration
  • Criminal law and Procedure

Top Universities in Canada to Study LLB Course

Canada is sheltered by many finest law colleges across the world. Canada is very well known for its law degree. Due to changing economic and social circumstances, the law is an excellent profession, and law study in Canada opens doors to many opportunities. Many world-famous law colleges are located in Canada. Here we will briefly discuss some famous law colleges in Canada with their fee structure.



Course Duration

Tuition fee in CAD


College of Toronto 

1 year



College of Montreal

2 years



York university

2 years



Windsor university

2 years



University of Ontario

2 years


List of LLB Course Subjects

Here we will discuss some subject course of LLB in Canada.

First Semester

Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Introduction to law

Law of crime

Political science

Labour law



Public international law

Company law

Political science


Family law

Law of evidence


Law of torts

History of system

Clinical law

What are the Popular Courses in LLB in Canada?

As Canada is very well known for its academic performance. Here people come from abroad to study because of the high degree value. Canada allows Sri Lankan students to study different courses in Canada. Canada is very prominent for its law degree. Canadian law is dominant all over the world. Canada offers different types of laws to study. The law provided by Canadian universities to Sri Lankan students is of two types: Bachelors and Masters. Now we will discuss some famous types of courses offered by Canadian universities.

  • Criminal law
  • Jurisprudence
  • International law
  • Corporate law
  • Criminal procedure
  • Sociology
  • Administrative law

Eligibility Criteria to Study LLB in Canada for International Students

Canada offers international to study law in their universities. Studying in Canada is affordable and trouble-free because of their well-maintained community and low cost of living. Students wish to study law in Canada because of its high ranking. International students can apply for a study visa. Once a study visa is issued, you can study in Canada. There are some requirements for international students to study law at Canadian universities.

Here we will discuss students who are eligible to study in Canada.

  • If you are willing to study an undergraduate course, a bachelor's degree is required with related field study, and you should score at least 60 to 69 per cent.
  • If you are willing to study postgraduate programs, a bachelor's degree is needed that is recognised by higher education institutions worldwide. Students should also score at least 160 marks in the LAST exam.
  • Students must pass the exam of English courses like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Students should submit their statement of purpose, personal statement, and CV.

LLB in Canada for Sri Lankan Students: Tuition Fees


Top universities


Course Duration 

Tuition fees


Ottawa university


1 to 2 years



McGill university

B, C.L

4 years

1,780 to 2,250


University de Montreal


3 years



University Laval


3 years


List the Scholarship for LLB in Canada

Canada is very famous for its academic excellence. Students wishing to study in Canada. Canada allows international students to study in their universities. It's trouble-free to study in Canada. Law is a famous course in Canada and is well known worldwide. Law schools in Canada don't want that students can study in their universities because of funding problems, so for this, they provide scholarships. By awarding them scholarships, Canada makes studying much more accessible for Sri Lankan students. There are different types of scholarships offered by various universities. To avail of the scholarships, you must provide them with your previous academic record. Now we will discuss some universities offering scholarships.

  • The University of Toronto offers 27 types of scholarships.
  • McGill University offers nine kinds of scholarships.
  • Dalhousie University provides eight types of scholarships.
  • University of British Colombia offers four types of scholarships.
  • University of Calgary provides three types of scholarships.

This table will give you detailed information about the LLB scholarships in Canada.



Course Offered 

A. John Beke Prize for Children and the Law

University of Saskatchewan


A. Norman Maloney Memorial Bursary

University of Calgary


A.C. Mathews Memorial Bursary

University of Manitoba


A.J. Christie Prize

University of Manitoba


Abe W Miller Memorial Prize in Criminal Law

University of Alberta


Abraham L. Simkin, Q.C. Prize

University of Manitoba


A.S. Pattillo Prize for Advocacy

Dalhousie University


Aboriginal Veterans Scholarship Trust

All Universities


Adams Trust Oil and Gas Prize

University of Alberta

Faculty of Law

Agnes Lefas Memorial Scholarship

Queen's University

Civil Law/Common Law Joint Degree Program, LL.M.

Marusia and Michael Dorosh Master's Fellowship

All Universities


Job and Salary: LLM in Canada

Law is a very famous course in Canada and across the world. People do not mainly occupy law, but it is the highest paid profession. In today's world, the role of a lawyer has wholly evolved and moved from the old desk to the job. The need for a lawyer is necessary in today's world. People demand sharp lawyers with high skills. The students who graduated law in Canada got many opportunities. Because of the shortage in the labour market in Canada, the demand for a lawyer is very high. An average lawyer earns almost 96,126 dollars per year in Canada.

Here we will briefly discuss some jobs for a lawyer.

  • Tax consultant: A average tax consultant earns 22.48 dollars per hour. The job of a tax consultant is to advise firms on their tax obligation and provide practical answers to their tax problems.
  • Publisher: A average publisher can earn 21.62 dollars per hour. The publisher sets the commercial goals for the organisation.
  • Management consultant: A management consultant earns almost 73,257 per year. It is a profession that advises others on how to run their businesses and organisation. A Law degree is beneficial in this profession.
  • Agent: A average agent can earn 18.41 dollars per hour. Entertainers and athletes frequently use an agent to assist them in managing their careers.

Here is the detailed list of jobs for Law graduate students in Canada:

Law Graduates

Average Annual Salary in CAD

Law clerk

CAD 52,800

Legal assistant

CAD 61,900


CAD 114,000


CAD 200,000


CAD 116,940

How to Apply Canadian Student visa to Study LLB Course?

Canada host almost 200,000 students from other worlds every year. Canada is very famous for its LLB program and many more. People wish to study in Canada. You can study in Canada by applying to their universities. Firstly, you will need a visa to study at a Canadian university. You can apply for a study visa online or in paper format. Check their online website or visit the Canadian embassy for a visa. You should apply for a visa when you get your confirmation letter from the university. Studying law in Canada is not difficult, but there are some policies and requirements to study in Canada. Here we will discuss student visa requirements:

  • Your passport should be valid
  • You should have your previous study records
  • Academic references
  • Employer references
  • Statement of purpose
  • Certificate of extracurricular achievements
  • Confirmation letter from a university
  • Payment proofs
  • Photographs
  • Study permit
  • English proficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for Sri Lankan students to pursue an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree in Canada?
Yes, Sri Lankan students can pursue an LLB degree in Canada. Several Canadian universities offer LLB programs to both domestic and international students.
What are the general admission requirements for Sri Lankan students interested in studying LLB in Canada?
Admission requirements for LLB programs in Canada may include academic qualifications, English language proficiency (e.g., IELTS or TOEFL scores), and any specific prerequisites set by the university.
How long does it take to complete an LLB degree in Canada, and what is the program structure?
The duration of an LLB program in Canada can vary, but it typically takes three to four years for full-time students. The program covers various legal subjects and may include internships or clinical experiences
Are there opportunities for international LLB graduates in Canada to practice law or pursue further legal studies?
Graduates of LLB programs in Canada can pursue further legal studies or seek admission to the legal profession. The specific requirements for practicing law in Canada may vary by province.
What are the career prospects for Sri Lankan students with an LLB degree from Canada?
Sri Lankan students with an LLB degree from Canada can explore various career opportunities, including legal practice, corporate law, government roles, and advocacy in different areas of law.

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