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Study in Canada Without IELTS

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Blog Summary Discover options for studying in Canada without IELTS. Explore language proficiency alternatives and pursue your education in Canada.
Study in Canada Without IELTS

Suppose you are an international student planning to study in Canada. In that case, you will be required to appear for an IELTS language test. But what is IELTS, you may ask?

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, an English language exam. English is the primary language of communication in Canada, which explains the requirement. Besides Canada, some other countries that require IELTS as a basis for university admission are Australia, the UK, the USA, and New Zealand. The minimum age of the student to take the exam is 16 years.

Study in Canada without IELTS 2022

You can be accepted as a student in Canada without being required to submit IELTS test scores. However, there are some options that you can choose from as an alternative to IELTS and which are acceptable to some Canadian universities and colleges. The language proficiency requirements between universities may vary.

These are some options that you can take to get admitted to any university in Canada:

  • completing five years of education from an English medium institution.
  • having an alternative English language test score
  • show evidence that you are from a native English country
  • opt to study an English language exam course offered in a university in Canada, such as ESL or English as a Second Language
  • submit an English language proficiency certificate

The following are the alternative English language tests

TOEFL - Test of English as Foreign Language

DET - Duo lingo English Test

PTE - Pearson English Language Test

CAEL - Canadian Assessment English Language

Can'Test - Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees

CELPIP - Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

List of Colleges in Canada where they admit without IELTS

  • Carleton University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Brock University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Algoma University
  • Brandon University
  • Cambrian College
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Regina
  • University of Guelph
  • Okanagan College
  • McGill University
  • Seneca College
  • Concordia University

Before applying to any university as a student, check the alternative language proficiency tests they accept, including their acceptance rates.

Alternative Exams to Study in Canada Without IELTS.

It is not only the IELTS exam that can take you to study in Canada. There is always an alternate way to get admitted, such as those listed below and their minimum score.


Alternative Language Test

Min. Score

University of Regina



Carleton University



University of Winnipeg



Brock University



Memorial University of Newfoundland



Brandon University



Cambrian College



University of Saskatchewan


University of Gulph



Okanagan College



McGill University



Seneca College



Concordia College



If you wish to find out the other alternative language tests and their acceptable minimum scores, you may contact us.

Can you study in Canada without IELTS?

Yes, you can! Canada is the top destination for students from other countries, as there are a lot of excellent scholarships and opportunities offered to those interested in studying in the country. There are three ways by which you can study in Canada without having to submit IELTS test results.

1. Get an English proficiency certificate

If you have an education in English, request a letter from your previous school certifying that you studied English in that school. You can use this as a language certificate, and some universities in Canada accept this certificate also, but not all.

2. Search for universities in Canada that do not require IELTS

You can use Google or any search engine to find such universities. To help you with this, we have listed their names above in the List of Colleges in Canada Without IELTS. These universities allow international students to get admitted even without IELTS test results.

While the Canadian embassies never require international students to present their IELTS scores, the Canadian universities (although not all) include it in their requirements. So you find those universities that do not require IELTS.

3. Complete an English language course in Canada

Don't you have IELTS or TOEFL or any English proficiency certificate? No worries! You can apply for the ESL program (English as a Second Language) and pursue your Canadian education. This program lasts for six months, after which you can readily study in Canada without any glitches.

What Are The Requirements to Study in a Canadian University Without IELTS?

If you wish to study in a Canadian university, but you do not have IELTS or intend to take the test, do not lose hope. You can take some steps to get a study visa and be admitted to a university in Canada.

1. You can submit your score in alternate tests such as TOEFL iBT, Duo lingo English test, CAEL, etc. Please see the list above.

2. You can take the Intensive English Language Program (IELP) or something similar from universities as an alternative.

3. Remember, if you come from English-speaking countries, you will not be required to submit an IELTS score.

4. You prove that you have studied English for a minimum of 4 years, and you will not be asked for your IELTS score.

5. Some Canadian schools and colleges have English language programs. You may choose any of these programs in place of IELTS.

How To Get Canada Student Visa Without IELTS?

According to Canada's new visa regulations, students will not have difficulty acquiring a student visa without IELTS. The latest regulation states that international students need only to prove that they have been admitted to a Canadian university, which is enough to qualify for a student visa, provided all other formalities are fulfilled. These applicants need to provide documents certifying that their university does not require the IELTS score.

The government of Canada made this regulation as an incentive for international students to attend Canadian colleges and universities and pursue their studies here in the country. It will also benefit the students because they will be receiving higher education in Canada without the IELTS.

1. Before you apply for a student visa (considering that you have been exempted from the English proficiency exam), contact the Canadian embassy nearest to you and confirm that they will accept your Canada Study Permit Application without IELTS. The embassy might ask you to secure a letter from your Designated Learning Institution (DLI) certifying that you are exempted from taking the IELTS exam and can participate in your chosen program without it.

2. Nevertheless, without the IELTS scores, you should have an English proficiency letter from your previous school stating that you have a good command of the English language.

Can I Get A Work Permit in Canada Without IELTS?

Immigrating to Canada to work requires two things.

1. If you come from a country whose nationals require a visa, you need to apply for a visa to enter Canada.

2. You will also need a Canadian work permit that you can use as your status document when you need to show proof of your immigration information, such as the date and place of your entry to Canada. To put it simply, your visa takes you to Canada, and you will be authorised to work here through your work permit.

3. To obtain a work permit, you need a job offer from an employer in Canada. The job offer can be in an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) job support. This will allow you to immigrate to Canada on a work permit.

4. An English or French language test is not legally required in issuing a work permit.

The tests are required only for those who want to enter Canada to become permanent residents.

Whether you want to obtain a Canadian student visa or a Canadian work permit, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We always make ourselves available to help you put together all the necessary documentation you need for the purpose. We will be glad to give you our best professional advice to allow you to enter Canada either as a student or as a worker. So if you, your child, or any of your relatives or friends are planning to study or work in Canada, we can guide you. 

Contact AECC Srilanka , whereby you just got to fill in some simple details regarding your query, and once we get it, we'll get to work right away to answer it for you and still if you have queries if you call us back again also we would not have any qualms. You can contact us by calling if you want to save yourself from typing. We are famous for picking up calls the first time itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for international students to study in Canada without taking the IELTS exam?
Yes, some Canadian institutions offer alternatives to the IELTS exam for English language proficiency assessment.
What are the alternative English language proficiency tests or methods accepted for studying in Canada without IELTS?
Institutions may accept tests like TOEFL, PTE Academic, or language preparation programs as alternatives to IELTS.
Are there specific eligibility criteria or requirements for international students who want to study in Canada without IELTS?
Eligibility criteria vary by institution, and students should check the specific requirements of their chosen university or college.
How can international students apply for programs that allow them to study in Canada without IELTS?
Students should apply directly to institutions offering such programs, following their application guidelines.
Are there any advantages or disadvantages to studying in Canada without IELTS?
Advantages may include flexibility in language requirements, but students should carefully consider the language skills needed for academic success.

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