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Guide to Studying at Concordia University in Canada

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Blog Summary Discover a detailed guide to studying at Concordia University in Canada, featuring programs, campus life, and study opportunities.

Concordia University is one of the top-ranked Canadian institutions, and several international students are admitted to the university every year. The university has appeared in several world university rankings and subject-wise rankings. The eligibility criteria to get admission and the admission procedure are not rigid, and you will easily get admission if you have all the qualifications.

This blog will give you a complete guide to studying at Concordia University in Canada.

Concordia University at Glance

Concordia University is one of the prestigious universities in Canada. It attracts several domestic and international students every year. It is one of the top-ranked universities and has over 51,000 students. A few facts about the university are given in the table below.

Year of establishment


Application fee

CAD 100

Student to faculty ratio


Number of campuses


Number of international students



Available on campus

Accepted English proficiency tests

TOEFL, IELTS or equivalents

Application session

Fall & Winter - UG

Fall, Summer, Winter - PG

Application deadlines

Fall - February 1

Winter - September 1


90 or more


6.5 or more

Student helpline

514-848-2424, ext. 3515; fax: 514-848-3599; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Average annual tuition fee

CAD 19,000 for Bachelor’s

CAD 20,000 for Master’s

Concordia University Overview

Concordia University was established in 1974 and accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. It is one of the finest institutions in Canada and tops the list of several university rankings, including the QS World Rankings and THE Young University Rankings. It has two campuses; Loyola Campus and Sir George William Campus. It has some notable alumni like Annie Murphy, Keith Heron, Anna Hopkins etc. Some of the top companies in the world offer recruitment and internships, like Amazon, Google, Walmart etc.

Concordia University Ranking

Concordia University ranks at the top in most world university rankings. It will be beneficial for you to know about the rank that the university enjoys so that you can decide how good the university is. The table below shows the rankings of the university in four of the major university rankings in the world.

Ranked By






521 - 530




601 - 800

601 - 800

ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Universities Rankings



601 - 700

U.S. News & World Reports - Global Universities




Concordia University Acceptance Rate

Concordia University is one of the best universities in Canada. It is also regarded as the best in Quebec. The acceptance rate at Concordia is 81%. The procedure is a bit lenient, and it is not too difficult to get admission to the university. It is stated that almost half of the applicants to the university had an SAT score between 1030 and 1260 or an ACT score between 21 and 29. The university is moderately selective, and you can surely get admission if you qualify for all the requirements.

Why Should You Choose Concordia University as an International Student? 

Concordia is often regarded as one of Canada's best universities for a few reasons. It offers several courses in various disciplines. There are over 35 majors in Education, Business, Arts and Humanities. The cost of studying is not too high, and there are scholarships available too. The university also offers several international education programs. It provides good research and internship opportunities for its students. It also has a beautiful campus in the heart of the city. You will also find beaches, world-class museums, cultural sites, state and national parks, Hollywood and Disneyland in close proximity to the campus.

Concordia University Application Deadlines

The application deadline can change slightly, and the date given below cannot be considered the ultimate date the university decides for the admission process every year. For Undergraduate programs, there will be two intakes; Fall and Winter. For Postgraduate programs, there will be a Summer intake as well. The Summer intake is available only for selected programs. For instance, you will find a Summer intake for MSc Chemistry. You should check the application deadline from the university website beforehand. The table below shows the tentative application deadlines.


Season of Intake

Application Deadline


Fall, Winter

February 1, September 1


Summer, Fall, Winter

February 1, June 1, September 1

Entry Requirements

You need to satisfy a few eligibility requirements to study at Concordia University. The application can be submitted from the official website of the university. The university has waived off its application fee of CAD 100. A few general entry requirements for admission are given below.

  • All academic documents
  • A minimum score of 82%
  • All financial documents and proof
  • Subject-specific scores, if required
  • English proficiency test scores

Sri Lankan Country Specific Requirement

Apart from the entry requirements specified above, there are special requirements that students from selected countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, India and China have to satisfy. All Sri Lankan students should also submit the Sri Lanka GCE advanced Level competition certificate. It is to be noted that this certificate comes along with all the other ones and is not a substitute for any.

English Proficiency Test Scores for International Students

 All non-native speakers of the English language must get a good score in any of the English Proficiency Tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE to get admission to Concordia University. The minimum score required for admission may vary depending on the program and course. Given below are the score requirements for a few tests.
  • TOEFL: 90
  • IELTS: 7
  • PTE: 61

Concordia University Admissions 2022-2023

The admission requirements to study at Concordia University is not rigid, and you can easily get admission if you satisfy all of them. The entry requirements have already been discussed, and it will be helpful for you to know about the admission process. You can follow the below steps to take admission to Concordia University.

  1. Select your preferred program and course, and fill in the application form.
  2. Submit all the academic and unacademic documents like English Proficiency Test scores, subject-specific test scores, references, CV etc.
  3. If you are looking for their thesis option, you can find a supervisor and contact them through
  4. Submit the application.
  5. You can keep track of your application at

Top Courses at Concordia University

Concordia University offers courses in several disciplines and programs. Several of them have also been ranked in top positions in subject rankings. The top courses offered by the university are Education, English Language and Literature, Linguistics, Accounting and Finance, Communication and Media Studies, Sociology, Engineering, and Psychology.

Concordia University Undergraduate Courses



Average Annual Fee (in LKR)

Electrical Engineering B.E

4 years

LKR 49,39,960

Industrial Engineering B.E

4 years

LKR 49,39,960

Mechanical Engineering B.E

4 years

LKR 49,39,960

Computer Engineering B.E

4 years

LKR 49,39,960

Civil Engineering B.E

4 years

LKR 49,39,960

Computer Science General Program (BCompSc)

4 years

LKR 49,39,960

B.S in Athletic Therapy


LKR 50,57,760

Concordia University Master's Courses



Average Annual Fee (in LKR)

Master of Supply Chain Management (MSM)

16 months

LKR 60,00161


2 years

LKR 44,61,116

MS in Finance

2 years

LKR 63,27,483

Master of Applied Computer Science (MApCompSc)

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

MS in Marketing


LKR 60,00161

MFA in Studio Arts & Photography

3 years

LKR 51,21,156

MS in Biology

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

Concordia University Engineering Courses



Average Annual Fee (in LKR)

Aerospace Engineering

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

Civil Engineering

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

Electrical & Computer Engineering

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

Quality Systems Engineering

1 year

LKR 44,61,116

Software Engineering

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

Mechanical Engineering

2 years

LKR 44,61,116

Concordia University MBA Course



Average Annual Fee (in LKR)

Executive MBA

20 months

LKR 99,49,825

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2 years

LKR 66,48,563

Concordia University PhD Courses



Average Annual Fee (in LKR)

Computer Science

4 years

LKR 37,88,391

English Literature

3 years

LKR 37,88,391

Electrical and Computer Engineering

3 years

LKR 37,88,391


3 years

LKR 37,88,391

Art Education

3 years

LKR 37,88,391

Business Administration

5 years

LKR 37,88,391

Concordia University Fee Structure

Concordia University offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral and Certificate programs in several fields. There are courses available in all streams as well. The tuition fee for all the major streams and their duration is given in the table below.



Average Annual Fee (in LKR)

Arts (1 course)

2 years

LKR 48,13,484

Engineering (16 courses)

2 - 4 years

LKR 48,13,484 - LKR 53,30,488

Information Technology (5 courses)

1 - 4 years

LKR 44,16,818 - LKR 53,30,488

Management (6 courses)

16 months - 4 years

LKR 56,69,215 - LKR 64,75,919

MBA (2 courses)

20 - 24 months

LKR 66,05,170 - LKR 98,85,471

Science (2 courses)

2 - 4 years

LKR 48,13,484 - LKR 54,55,282

Concordia University Student Accommodation

Concordia University offers five types of residence facilities for its students. They have varying facilities, and the monthly rent depends on the facilities you choose, the number of people per room and the area of the room. You can choose the suitable one according to your financial situation and interest. The five types of residences and their average rent are given in the table below.

Type of Residence

Average Monthly Rent (in CAD)

Grey Nuns Residence

CAD 710 - CAD 1243

Loyola Residence

CAD 710 - CAD 1243

YWCA Residence

CAD 710 - CAD 1243

Mildore Residence

CAD 1255

EVO Residence

CAD 710 - CAD 1243

Concordia University Scholarships

Concordia University offers two types of scholarships; Entrance Awards and Provincial and Federal Awards. They provide moderate funding as well. There are other subtypes in these two scholarships as well. They are explained below.

1. Entrance Awards: The scholarships that come under this category are directly funded by Concordia University. The scholarship money is generated from the operating funds and through generous donors. There are three Entrance Awards.

  • Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence: It reduces the tuition fee. The scholarship value is CAD 43,211.
  • Concordia University Doctoral Graduate Fellowships: This scholarship is awarded for four years, and the amount is CAD 14,000.
  • Concordia Merit Scholarship: The scholarship value of this merit-based scholarship is CAD 10,000.

2. Provincial and Federal Awards: The Canadian and Quebec governments offer these. These scholarships are offered to international students and researchers. It is open to students from all countries.

Visa Process for International Students at Concordia University

It is not too difficult to get a Canadian visa. At the same time, you should follow a few steps to apply for it successfully. The visa processing may take a few weeks to complete, and you must start early. The steps to be followed are given below.

  1. Know the processing time: It takes around 12 weeks to process a Canadian visa. You should check the Canadian consulate's website and know the time taken for the processing.
  2. Decide how to apply: You can apply for a Canadian visa both online and offline.
  • Online mode: If you are applying online, you should have scanned copies of all the documents ready. You should have a credit card for fee payment as well. You will also be required to give a finger scan at the Visa Application Centre (VAC). You should visit the Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) office to give your passport and fee payment receipts.
  • Offline mode: You can download the application kit and go through the guidelines. Read and understand them carefully and proceed to apply. You can apply offline only if you have a disability that makes you unable to apply online or if you possess a travel document or identity for refugees, non-national residents, or stateless persons.
  1. Fill out the VFS consent form: You should fill out the VFS consent form and submit it along with the application form. This form is essential for getting the assistance of VFS services for the visa filing process.
  2. Fee payment: If you apply VFS, in person or through the mail, you should pay both the VFS Global service charge and the visa fees. This processing fee is non-refundable.
  3. Temporary resident visa: If you are applying for a temporary resident visa, study permit or work permit for your spouse/common-law partner and children, you need to pay a processing fee for them.
Submit the application: You can visit the nearest VFS office, pay the fees, and get the receipts. You can then submit your completed application. This receipt will have a unique tracking number to help you track your application's status.

Jobs and Salary After Studying at Concordia University

Concordia University has some top recruiters, and the employment rate is 92%. You can get placed in some of the leading companies in the world. The table below helps you get a list of the top recruiters, highest salary etc.

Total number of students


Top recruiters

Group Dynamite, Bombardier, Ascendis Consulting, Deakin Realty, KPMG, HSBC Canada, BDO Canada, Apple Canada, PWC, Aldo Group, Air Canada, Enthusiast Gaming, Ericsson, Cantor Fitzgerald, Groupe Dynamite etc.

Top industries

Aerospace, Consumer Products, Consulting, Energy, Engineering, Financial Services, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, Transportation

Employment rate (3 months after graduation)


Highest average salary (Economics UG)

CAD 63,167

Average MBA Salary

CAD 78,826

Highest average salary (EMBA)

CAD 1,40,000

You can contact AECC if you wish to know more about studying in Canada, the admission process, visa requirements, cost of studying and living, scholarship opportunities etc. We have trained professionals to assist you in the best way. It is better to clear your doubts and then proceed to the application so that you do not make any mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Concordia University Canada hard to get into?
It is not too hard to get admission to Concordia University. The acceptance rate is 81%. You have a high chance of getting shortlisted if you have all the necessary qualifications.
What are the best programs at Concordia University?
Concordia University is best known for its Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Engineering, Arts and Science courses, and MBA.
How much is the tuition fee at Concordia University?
The tuition fee at Concordia ranges from LKR 44,00,000 to LKR 10,00,0000, depending on the course and program chosen.
What is the overall course ranking of Concordia University?
Arts and Design is the top-ranked course at Concordia University, according to the QS World University Rankings. Communication and Media Studies, Architecture, Accounting and Finance, English Language and Literature, Engineering and Technology etc., are the other courses that have appeared in the world rankings.
What is the deadline to submit my immigration documents?
The deadline to submit immigration documents will change each time, and it is not easy to provide a specific date. You should check the official websites during your admission period to know the exact date.
Is Concordia good for Engineering?
Yes, Engineering is one of the top-ranked subjects in Concordia and is thus a good place to study the course.

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