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One-Year Study Program in Canada for Sri Lankan Students

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Blog Summary Explore one-year study programs in Canada tailored for Sri Lankan students. Fast-track your education and gain international exposure.
One Year Program in Canada

Canada is well known for its quality education. In addition, numerous institutes grant scholarships to their students in various fields, making studying in Canada more affordable. One-year study programs in Canada attract students who don't want to enrol in long-term study programs. Such programs are also preferred due to their low degree completion cost.

There are many popular one-year programs offered by Canadian institutes like ME in CivilAerospace engineering, MA in psychology and communication, and plenty more programs with a duration of around 6 to 16 months.

This blog will give you about the one-year study program in Canada for Sri Lankan Students.

Why Pursue a One-Year Study Program in Canada?

With a literacy rate of about 92 %, Sri Lanka shows excellent performance in education. Even though this Sri Lankan educational system had to deal with many crises, such as quality of education and skills, there are fewer chances to show work expertise thus These conditions make study programs in Canada a good choice for Sri Lankan students.

Canada has proven itself a country delivering quality education to its students. According to the QS ranking of the world's top 250 universities, about 11 universities in Canada were on the list. Moreover, students could earn through part-time jobs with their studies. A Canadian student could work part-time for about twenty hours per week. These courses are beneficial because students can get a work permit, which allows such students to work in big firms, Companies, and industries.

One-year study programs are the best learning opportunity. Students could show them up in less time. Degrees achieved from such programs are vital in settling for a job. Study programs in Canadian institutes are much more affordable than in other countries, providing such quality and education standards. Canada also offers numerous job opportunities to its degree holders.

Types of One-Year Courses in Canada

Educational Institutes in Canada provide a perfect fusion of superior education quality and economical course fees. A variety of one-year courses are provided by Canadian institutes, including courses related to Business Studies, Communication, Information technology, Health and Medicine, and many more.

Certificate Courses

Master Courses

Graduate Courses

Diploma Courses

Commerce Industry Sales & Marketing


Information Systems Security

Human Security and Peacebuilding

Business Fundamentals

Executive MBA

Human Resources Management

Safety Health and Environmental Management

Customer Service Fundamentals

ME in Civil Engineering

Mobile Application Development

Computers and Networking

Applied Accounting

MA in Political Science

Project Management

Cyber Security Specialist

Office Administration

ME in Chemical Engineering

Building Automation System Operations

Acting for Film, TV

Trades Foundations

Theological Studies

Sports Business Management

Computers and Networking

Popular One-Year Courses in Canada

One-year courses are essential for students to show up in less time and also help them polish their abilities quickly. These projects are also beneficial because students could complete their degrees at less cost due to the economical and affordable academic fee structure for students. In addition, many capable students could avail of scholarships granted by institutes.

There are many popular one-year courses.

Types of courses



ME in Civil Engineering

ME in Naval Technologies

ME in Chemical Engineering

ME in Biological Engineering

Information and Technology

Diploma in Computer and Networking

Diploma of Cyber Security

Mobile App Development

Business and Management

Executive MBA

Business Administration

Business Foundation

Digital Marketing

Applied Accounting

Project Management

Health and Social Services

MA in gender and Social justice

Diploma of Health Safety

Diploma of Environmental Management

MA in Political Sciences

Diploma of Disaster and Emergency Management

Arts Courses

MA History

MA Sociology

Food Safety and Quality

Theological Studies

Top Universities for One-Year Study Programs in Canada

Canada is the place of many of the world's top-ranked universities. It facilitates its students with a high-end quality environment for learning and evolving. Many institutes in Canada offer short-period courses for about six to sixteen months.

Name of the University

Name of the Course

Duration of the Course

Tuition fees in CAD

University of Toronto

MSc in Computer Science

16 months


Executive MBA

12 months


MS in Pharmaceutical

15 months


ME in Civil Engineering

12 months


Thompson Rivers University

Adventure Guide Certification

12 months


Business Foundation Certificate

12 months


MBA Accelerated

12 months


McMaster University

MSc in Computer Science

12 months


Technology diploma

12 months


Carleton University


16 months


Graduate diploma in health

12 months


ME in Civil Engineering

12 months


MA in Communication

12 months


Eligibility for One Year Study Program in Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream for millions of students worldwide. Many students wish to live and learn in such a welcoming environment. Thus, such a valuable dream requires its wisher to be eligible to achieve it. Universities require their enrollers to fulfil the criteria for admission to their institutes.

  • Institutes require students to clear their undergraduate degrees in good ranking, and universities should be recognised for enrollment.
  • The student should also pass an immigration medical examination (It consists of medical tests for the student).
  • Application for institute enrollment requires a Statement of Purpose, a Letter of Recommendation from the student, and an English language test is mandatory for enrollment.
  • The student should have a Canadian visa.

Admission Process for One Year Study Program in Canada

The admission process is based on the following steps

The student has chosen an institute and course which suits them.

  • The student must choose the institute he wants to enrol in. They are also required to select their curriculum.
  • The Students had to choose their admission cycle (fall-winter or spring).
  • The Students had to choose their level of study (Bachelor's,&MasterorDiploma).
  • After choosing a suitable institute, the student should consult with a study consultant who would help the student communicate with the dedicated institute about admission dates andScholarships availableand check the availability of seats in their chosen course. The consultant will guide the student to fill out the application form and consult you about scholarship criteria.
  • If the student enrollment application is approved, the institute will acknowledge the student through email.

A study permit is mandatory if the student has enrolled himself in a course that's duration longer than six months.

Cost of Studying One Year Study Program in Canada

Thecost of studyingfor a one-year program in Canada varies according to the course enrolled, as every program has its fee structure.

  • The average studying expenditures of a bachelor's student are around CAN$550 to CAN$56,000.
  • The average cost of a bachelor's level student studying business and management is around CAN$5,500 to CAN$56,000 annually.
  • The average studying cost for an IT student is around CAN$1,535 to about CAN$55,000.
  • Engineering students pay about CAN$1,350 to CAN$55,000 yearly for studying expenses.

On average, a master's student's tuition expenses are around CAN$1,075 to CAN$65,000. Study expenditures of business and management students enrolled for master level are around CAN$2,150 to CAN$52,700 annually. Average studying expenses for a master's in IT Student are around CAN$2,150 to CAN$52,500. Students studying for a master's in engineering pay about CAN$2,150 to CAN$52,500 tuition fees annually.

Canada Student Visa Procedure for One Year Study Program

Applying for a Canadian Student visa involves the following steps.

  • Students must apply for avisaon the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
  • Application documents for visas should be sent online or posted to the Canadian embassy.
  • The student is bound to provide a university acceptance letter in which he's willing to enrol. Note that the Canadian government should recognise the university.
  • The student had to provide financial stability proof to assure the Canadian government that a student could bear study expenses.
  • The applicant must submit an anti-criminal record (To assure the government that the student was not involved in any criminal activities).
  • A medical report of the student is required to check his health.

Study Visa for Canadarequires the following documents. Students willing to apply for a Canadian study visa should ensure the following documents are available.

  • Students should have a filled application form for astudent permit.
  • University acceptance letter in its original form.
  • A passport
  • Two passport-sized recent pictures with the applicant's name and birth date on the back.
  • The student had to assure the government with financial stability proof. The applicant had to show his savings of around CAD 10,000 to CAD 11,000.
  • The student had to provide a letter of intent.
  • The applicant had to prove that the study permit fee was paid.

Job Opportunities After One Year Courses in Canada

Year course degrees are a gateway to full-time jobs in Canada. Institutes also provide internships to their students, which enhances their work skills. After these courses, students can get a work permit to join Companies and industries.

Many jobs offered to degree holders of such courses are:

Jobs Offered

Avg. Annual Salary

Production Managers


Dentists & treatment occupations


Electronic engineer


Marketing Analysis


Mechanical engineer


Transportation (Ground)


Civil engineer






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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one-year study program in Canada, and what are its benefits for Sri Lankan students?
A one-year study program in Canada typically refers to shorter, focused courses or diplomas that offer international students the opportunity to gain specialized skills and education in a shorter time frame. Benefits include cost savings and quicker entry into the job market.
What are some popular one-year study programs available for Sri Lankan students in Canada?
These may include postgraduate diplomas, certificate programs, and specialized courses in fields like business, technology, healthcare, and more.
What are the admission requirements for Sri Lankan students interested in one-year study programs in Canada?
Admission requirements typically include academic transcripts, English language proficiency scores (such as IELTS or TOEFL), letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose. Specific requirements may vary by program and institution.
Can Sri Lankan students work part-time while pursuing a one-year study program in Canada?
Regulations regarding part-time work options for international students may vary, but some programs may allow for part-time employment during the course of study.
How can Sri Lankan students apply for one-year study programs in Canada, and what is the application process like?
To apply, students generally need to research and choose a program, gather required documents, submit an online application through the institution's website, and pay the application fee. Specific application steps may vary by institution.

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