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Study MBBS in Australia for International Students

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Blog Summary Explore opportunities to study MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) in Australia as an international student. Pursue a medical career.
Study MBBS in Australia for International Students

Medicine studies are the most encouraging education domain among students' communities across the world. Being an MBBS graduate brings a lot of positive changes to students' lives and careers as they continue on their professional paths of both career and personal growth along with their financial development. Among all other countries - Australia is one of the top study destinations for studying medicine because of its integration with high-quality institutions offering quality education. Another advantage of studying in Australia is, it is globally recognized, most affordable, and does not compromise on the quality of education. Australia hosts more than lakhs of students every year through its higher education program for both undergraduate and postgraduate course programs among which one of the prominent courses is MBBS in Australia for international students.

Adaptable learning, hands-on practices, reasonable explorations, and an excellent foundation on research make this country one of the much appreciated and reputed destinations to study MBBS in Australia. MBBS degree in Australia is considered to be one of the best education systems in the world but only a few universities offer this undergraduate degree having the duration of 5 - 6 years for undergraduates. 

MBBS course in Australia for International students is categorized into two separate modules 

  1. Doctor of Medicine (MD)
  2. 5 - 6 year Undergraduate Degree

Why Study MBBS in Australia from Sri Lanka?

Across the masses, Australian Universities are most preferred by parents from all over the world because of their multicultural aspects that usher students with awareness and cultural knowledge about the International people. Meanwhile public and Private Universities are among the best in the world when it comes to delivering quality education for postgraduate and undergraduate MBBS degrees in Australia. MBBS from an Australian university is recognized worldwide and is the right investment towards a great career journey. Institutions are well equipped with best-in-class laboratories and pieces of equipment that help in achieving a good practical education exposure. 

Also, Australia is housing an ample amount of colleges that provide a gateway to get admissions. You will be experiencing a comprehensive module from top universities in Australia - which teaches us unique learning techniques and methodology. Students will be trained best in their medical practices and life skills as well to achieve utmost excellence.

How Much will take Cost to Study MBBS in Australia?

Another advantage of studying medicine is its affordability and compared to other countries, MBBS in Australia fees is one of the lowest that is accompanied by various scholarship schemes. In this world of pandemics and uncertainty, the planet is very much in need of medical professionals and doctors, and in this last decade, medical necessities are making way for more opportunities in the medical industry. So within 6 months of period, medical students will find their way to one of their dream jobs. Major Universities from Australia are providing students with better scholarships and MBBS in Australia fee structure is comparatively lesser because of its government financial aids. 

Found below here is the list of costs involved in the Cost of studying MBBS in Australia for International students in Australia Dollars.




Total Fee (in AUD)



4 - 7 Years

383,000 - 630,000


BMed + MD

4 - 6 Years

319,000 - 491,000



4 Years




5 - 6 Years


What are the Requirements to Study MBBS in Australia for International Students?

requirements to study MBBS in Australia
Requirements to Study MBBS in Australia for international students

In order to get enrolled in Medical study in an Australian university, you need to satisfy the minimum eligibility criterion to avail yourself of a seat.

  • Students need to be a minimum of 17 years old with a background in Science and Biology or a related field by completing 12th grade in an approved institution.
  • Minimum 7 or above scores in IELTS/TOEFL (depending on the University)
  • University eligibility examination qualification is mandatory like UMAT/UCAT/MCAT with the scores as per the Institution intended.
  • If your country has a medical entrance examination test - Australian universities may ask for the same.
  • General Aptitude test for professionals
  • 1:1 Personal Interview.

What are the Best MBBS Universities in Australia?

Studying MBBS in Australia is one of the best advantages you would get out of your learning phase. According to the QS World University Rankings, 5 of the Australian universities are currently ranked within the top 50 in the world for their best infrastructure and medicine modules. 

This list includes:


University Name


The University of Sydney


The University of Melbourne


The Australian National University Medical School


Monash University


Deakin University


Flinders University


University of Adelaide


Bond University

The above universities offer both Undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Medicine, and surgery.

MBBS Scholarships for International Students in Australia

The Australian Government has announced numerous scholarships and financial grants for students from other countries to attract innovative and enthusiastic students. This adds to the diversified support and encouragement towards the new community of people from every corner of the world. Here are some of the famous MBBS scholarships for International students in Australia.


Scholarship Name



Notre Dame Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship provided every year till the student completes their entire course. This is listed for need-based, and for one to avail the same they need to have their financial and student certification verified. If they are eligible, they can avail the same


Australia Awards Scholarship

Foreign affairs and trade are administrating this grant for the international countries which are having partnerships with Australia. Again it is a merit-based program


Tasmanian International Scholarship

The primary eligibility for Tasmanians is to have a good merit score. Helps you get a grant of 25% of your tuition fee for the duration of the course.


Sydney Achievers International Awards

This scheme is offered by the University of Sydney, Australia. You will get a variable scholarship percentage depending upon your performance in your earlier academics. This scheme primarily focuses on students who are coming to study in Australia from an International country.

The Average Salary of MBBS Doctor in Australia

A profession in medicine pays well off for your future. In Australia, doctors are one of the highest-paid with an average median salary of AUD 70,000. Whereas a regular consulting doctor could at most earn a maximum of AUD 250,000. 

As per the recent studies found by talent - the average salary of a doctor is AUD 156,000 which is equivalent to AUD 427 per working day. Here we are listing out the Average MBBS doctor salary in Australia as of 2021.

Average Salary of MBBS Doctor in Australia for International Students
Average Salary of MBBS Doctor in Australia for International Students

Table: Average MBBS doctor salary in Australia as per 2021



Maximum Salary in Average














Health Officer





Career Opportunities After MBBS in Australia

One of the major advantages Australia provides is you can start working under the skilled occupation list which is again backed up by the Australian government that employs skilled professionals into the vertically distributed occupations. Medical graduates get to work in different levels of the workforce and if you are registered under (SOL) you can claim your consent to work in Australia if you are being under the medical profession. 

You will get more opportunities under the following professions:






Hospital administrator




Nuclear scientist










Assistant physiotherapist


General practitioner

The Upcoming admissions for MBBS in Australia are already open. If you are looking for the right opportunity to plug into, Contact AECC Global to get 1:1 expert counselling on the application process, student visa application, and much more. Act today!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete MBBS in Australia?
Australian Universities are offering MBBS courses in two different education levels. You have both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs - whereas Undergraduation takes 5 - 6 years and Postgraduation takes 4 years long.
How many Medical Colleges are there in Australia?
Australia has 21 medical schools that offer MBBS, MD, MBChB for both Domestic and International students.
How much does it cost to study MBBS in Australia?
Australian universities offer both Undergraduate and postgraduate courses which have a duration of 5 - 6 years and would cost you an average of AUD 64,000 to AUD 96,000 per year.

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