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Masters In Nursing In UK For International Students

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Blog Summary Explore master's in nursing programs in the UK, offering international students specialized training and healthcare career prospects.

Worldwide nursing is playing a prominent role in the healthcare sector. When the whole world suffered under the vicious control of covid 19 nurses and doctors were the frontline workers who saved millions of lives from the global pandemic. These days are bringing up so many inspiring stories, provoking students to take up the mantle of the nursing profession as their future. Nursing involves passion, empathetic nature, and obliging practices that make one best for the profession. Studying nursing in UK is affordable but becoming a nurse is not as simple as you think. Masters in Nursing in UK for International students involves four years of practical and theoretical practices across diversified fields of subjects.

What is the Scope of Nursing in UK for International Students?

Nursing is the most demanding profession in UK - where 94% of students find their jobs within 4 - 6 months of their course completion. Also, 

  • The UK has a very lesser number of Nurses across the country so you can find a job with a snap of your fingers. 
  • Study nursing in UK and you'll never regret the decision because the worldwide scenario is the same as in the UK. 
  • International Students will get a job anywhere in the world as they have a valid degree from a reputed UK University.
  • It's like till there is human existence on this planet nursing will be there and it is the only possible solution present now for medical support and assistance.

Study Masters in Nursing in UK Universities

  • A domain-based detailed study like Oncology, Childcare, Women's health or etc., is what is expected on Masters in Nursing from UK universities. 
  • Masters prepare students to work under critical situations and across all healthcare-related areas also teach them administration and management in nursing. 
  • A set of financial planning and management modules from the Masters in nursing in UK universities - enables the graduate to think out of the box and conduct a hospital's operations with its full potential under the budget level. 
  • Learning outcomes also include people management skills which are required to develop and communicate information between patients, doctors, and the public. 
  • Women in Nursing have shown positive growth by practicing problem-solving skills and evaluative capabilities which provides the management run in terms of their financial budget.

MSc Nursing courses in UK Universities are taught with the best hands-on practices to make sure you can run on your own to run the show on your own when it comes to hospital management. A Masters degree in the UK prepares one to be a lead nurse rather than spending their time dispensing medicine and taking care of patients.

What are the Requirements to study Nursing in UK for International Students?

  • Students with a qualification of graduation degree under a relevant domain or an equivalent course are mandatory before other aspects of joining formalities.
  • The previous education qualification should have a health or science subject background and be completed within 5 years.
  • The entry requirements for each university differ every year according to the education system in UK.
  • If students are enrolling for a bachelor's course in Nursing they need to have a 60% score in English subjects during their 12th grade.
  • Other than educational requirements students who apply for Masters in Nursing in the UK need to have English language eligibility for Nursing in UK. The minimum of 6.0 - 7.0 in their IELTS Academics if the student's first language is not English.
  • International students can enroll for Nursing masters in UK without IELTS, but the catch here is one has to prove themselves worthy through their vibrant English communication skills.

How Much the Cost to Study Nursing in the UK

UK Universities have two different fees structures for Masters and Bachelors. While looking at masters if you are an international student you can pay the tuition fees upfront as the whole payment to the University or you can request the university to take the fee in two instalments. The exact cost of study in the UK varies from university to university, Specialization to specialization. 

The tuition fee includes the course fee and the study material cost, whereas if you are opting for university on-campus accommodation then stay cost is also included. If you are gonna stay outside of the campus, then it is a separate cost of living altogether. 

For an international student, the cost is basically from GBP 11,000 to GBP 30,000 (This cost may vary according to university, academic year, and course module).

Name of the Scholarship to Study Nursing in the UK

UK Universities have announced a lot of scholarships for students who pursue healthcare-related courses and there are ample chances that you may get one. There are also both private and public scholarship schemes which are training students to become a nurse. The following scholarships are offered by top UK Universities which are in the form of University research assistantships, Teaching, or financial grants.

Table. Scholarships offered by UK Universities for International Students


Nursing Scholarship offered by UK Universities

Scholarship for Masters in Nursing in UK


Anglia Ruskin University

International Merit Scholarship


Bangor University

International Scholarships


Bournemouth University

Academic Excellence Scholarship


Brunel University London

International Excellence Scholarship


Canterbury Christ Church University

Sports Scholarship


City, University of London

Postgrad Solutions Study Bursary


De Montfort University

International Postgraduate Taught Merit Scholarship


Glasgow Caledonian University

New to GCU Scholarship


Glasgow Caledonian University

Postgraduate Ambassador Studentship


Kingston University

International scholarship


Liverpool John Moores University

Achievement Scholarship


London South Bank University

International Merit Scholarships


London South Bank University

International Scholarships


Manchester Metropolitan University

Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarships


Manchester Metropolitan University

International Postgraduate Scholarships


Oxford Brookes University

Chevening Scholarships


Queen's University Belfast

International Office Postgraduate Taught Scholarships


Robert Gordon University

RGU International Student Discount for Master's Students


Sheffield Hallam University

Chevening Scholarship


Teesside University

Vice Chancellor's Scholarship


Ulster University

Postgraduate Global Support Scholarship


Ulster University

Study Abroad Scholarship


Ulster University

International Postgraduate Scholarship


University of Brighton

International scholarships


University of Central Lancashire

International Postgraduate Scholarships


University of Derby

Excellent International Student Scholarship


University of Dundee

Global Excellence Postgraduate Taught Scholarship


University of East Anglia

International Excellence Scholarship


University of Greenwich

International Scholarship


University of Huddersfield

Scholarships for new international undergraduate and Master's students


University of Lincoln

Global Postgraduate Scholarship


University of Liverpool

Postgraduate Progression Award- International students


University of Salford

The Salford International Excellence Award


University of Sunderland

International Scholarship


University of Bedfordshire

Postgraduate Taught excluding MBA

What is the average monthly salary of a nurse in UK

The average annual monthly salary of a beginner nurse in the UK is ranging from GBP 21,000 to GBP 35,000 depending on the Professional and Non-Professional industry. 

  1. MSc nurse salary in the UK, if they are freshly graduated, is near to GBP 37,500. This salary factor involves the place of work, department of specialization, years of experience (if experienced). 
  2. The salary could increase as the year progresses and there are options to upgrade themselves as healthcare managers which again demands high-quality work delivery and in return greater salary numbers. 
  3. Some of the hospitals and bigger corporations hire women for nursing jobs in UK without IELTS too.

Jobs After Studying Nurse in UK

Nurses who wish to work in UK can apply for a postgraduate master's to gain UK education & experience which opens up the gateway for a lot of job opportunities in UK. If you wish to apply for Masters in Nursing in UK you have come to the right place - Apply with AECC Global, where you will get expert advice from International education experts who can guide you to choose the right domain in Nursing. Contact AECC Global today if you wish to apply for the Upcoming intakes from Top universities in UK. Also, you can register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Provided that if they meet the necessary qualifications like valid practice/education of nursing in their home country just like the standards of UK - they approve to work in UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a master's in nursing in the UK?
Yes, you can apply for a master's in Nursing in the UK from any part of the world. If you have the related field bachelor with good grades and English language scores you chances of masters are no short.
Is it worth doing a master's in nursing UK?
Uk has one of the great demands for Nursing professionals and it has a lot of opportunities to secure a high-paying job in bigger sectors.
How much does it cost to study nursing in the UK for international students?
For an international student, the cost is basically from GBP 11,000 to GBP 30,000 (This cost may vary according to university, academic year, and course module).

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