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Hospitality Management Courses In UK

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Blog Summary Explore hospitality management courses in the UK, offering a pathway to enter the thriving hospitality sector.

operational, administrative, and commercial activities of professions in the hospitality industry. Compared with the "hotel management" course, hospitality management involves various sectors such as travel and accommodations, food and beverages, and event management. The departments under it may range from spa services to maintenance and housekeeping, reception, concierge, and several others.

Hospitality managers can assume responsibilities that vary depending on the setting in which they are employed.

Which mainly include the following: 

  • interviewing, training, and managing staff
  • accounting and budgeting
  • optimising the performance of the business
  • overseeing the daily operations
  • ensuring health and safety compliance
  • dealing with customer inquiries and complaints

Why Should One Study Hospitality Management Courses In the UK?

The UK is one of the most favoured study destinations for pursuing educational degrees, including hospitality management. There are over 500,000 international students in UK universities annually, and many enrol in hospitality management courses. As a career, hospitality management is in high demand worldwide; earning a degree in this field opens up doors to many exciting career opportunities with high-level salaries.

When you do a Hospitality Management Course in the UK, you get job flexibility, an excellent salary, and career advancement opportunities not offered to others who have completed other courses.

Best Hospitality Management Courses In UK

As mentioned above, the UK is amongst the favourite destinations to study Hospitality Management and other courses related to the Tourism industry. Additionally, the UK has many of the best culinary training establishments worldwide. These are the best hospitality management courses in the UK.

  • Hospitality Business Management BSc (Hons)
  • Events Management BA
  • International Hospitality Management BSc (Hons)
  • International Hospitality Management with Placement
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Bachelor's
  • International Hospitality Business Management
  • Hospitality, Tourism, Events Management Master's
  • Hospitality, Tourism, Transport, and Events (Doctoral)
  • International Event Management BSc Hons, Bachelor's

TOP Colleges to Study Hospitality Management Courses In UK

Name of University

QS World Ranking


University of Lincoln


Lincoln, UK

Ulster University


Northern Ireland

Coventry University


Coventry, UK

Oxford Brooke’s University


Headington, Oxford

University of Derby


Derby, UK

University of Birmingham



University of Hertfordshire



De Montfort University



University of Sunderland



Manchester Metropolitan University



Cost of Studying Hospitality Management Courses In UK

It is the dream of many students to gain an international degree, which is recognised around the world and can make them stand out among the crowd. The UK is known for quality education, good living conditions, and better career opportunities.

There are some differences in the cost of Hospitality Management Courses that are offered in the universities in the UK. Today, the general cost falls in the range of 10,000GBP to 25,000GBP. The table below will give you a rough idea of the cost of specific courses in hospitality management. Take note that the figures may change every semester or after publication.

Tuition Fees

Name of University



Tuition Fee (in GBP)/Year

Oxford Brookes U

BSc Hons International Hospitality Management

4 years


University of East London

BA Hons Hospitality Management

3 years


Coventry University

Tourism and Hospitality Management 

BA Hons

3 years


University of Portsmouth

BA Hons Hospitality Management

4 years


University of Sunderland

International Tourism and Hospitality Management

2 years


Teesside University

BA Hons Tourism Management With Placement

3 years


University of Westminster

BA Hons in Tourism with Business

4 years


University of Chester

BA Hons in International Tourism

4 years


University of Huddersfield

Business with Travel & Tourism Management 

BA Hons

3-4 years


University of Wales

BA International Hotel Management

3 years


Cost of Living in UK

Living in the UK as an international student is not precisely cheap, but how much you get to spend depends largely on where you will live and your spending habits. In popular UK cities like London, your monthly living costs could easily be 1,360 GBP. You can manage with difficulty in smaller towns with a budget of 650 GBP - 1,040 GBP per month.


Amount in GBP

Student Accommodations/Student Residence Halls/Apartment Rentals

650-1300 GBP/month


90 -160/month

Food and Groceries

150 - 250/month



30% discount for Young Persons Card 30 GBP

Tube (metro subway)

30% discount for 18+ years old students who buy the Oyster Student Card

Entertainment (cinema, theatre)

50 - 100/month

Immigration Health Surcharge


Student Visa Fee

348 one time

Eligibility Criteria to Study Hospitality Management Courses In UK

Before you can be accepted to study Hospitality Management courses in the UK, there are several admission requirements that you should meet.

  1. School education: obtain at least ABB (85%) in Your level results. Also required are four GSCs (Global Scale of English), all with Marks C and above. If you have chosen IB (International Baccalaureate), your score should not be less than 32.
  2. English Language requirement: If your first language is not English, you are required to take the IELTS test and have at least an overall score of 6.0. For each component (reading, writing, speaking, Listening), the score should not be less than 5.5.
  3. Age: you must be 18 years old to qualify for Hospitality Management courses. If you are over 21, satisfactory scores on literacy tests, work experience and a personal statement will be required.
  • SOP: Statement of Purpose
  • LOR: Letter of Recommendation
  • Application Fee
  • Proof of Scholarship, if any

Exam Required to Study Hospitality Management Courses In UK

In addition to the universities' general admission requirements, such as English proficiency tests and educational attainment, a minimum mark of 50 per cent in any of the following subjects may be required: Accounting, Mathematics, Business Economics, Home Economics, Mercantile Law, Hotel-Keeping and Catering, or Economics.

To be considered for this qualification, the student must have an Admission Point Score (APS) of at least 23. If you score 20-22, you will be admitted to the national diploma.

Scholarships to Study Hospitality Management Courses In UK

If you want to know if you are eligible for a scholarship, you can visit the website of UKCISA or the UK Council for International Student Affairs. Many educational institutions have their financial assistance to offer, and you can check their respective websites for more information.

University Name

Scholarship Name


Amount (GBP)

University of Essex

Academic Excellence International Master’s Scholarship

self-funding PG students

5,000 discount on tuition fee

University of Greenwich

International Scholarships Award

international students studying 1st year at international rates

3,000 discount on

University of East London

International Scholarships

non-UK UG and PG students


depends on course

Ulster University

International UG Scholarship

Full time UG student in 1 of N Ireland campuses

2,000 discount on tuition

Participating Universities

Chevening Scholarship

1 year Master’s degree hi caliber student

fully funded: flight fees, accommodation

Sheffield Hallam University

Transform Together Scholarship

International students UG & PG

50% first year tuition discount

Oxford Brookes

International Student Scholarship

w/ offer letter from university; paid tuition


Bournemouth University

Academic Excellence Scholarship

full time UG students with AAA or A level 

1,000 paid during first year

How to Apply for Hospitality Management Courses In the UK?

Many colleges and universities offering hospitality management courses in the UK accept international students' direct applications. While the admission process varies by university, the applicants commonly follow the following steps.

  • If you already have a university in mind to apply to, visit their website.
  • From among the hospitality management courses offered, choose the course you want to pursue.
  • Create an account. You do this by filling in your personal and educational information.
  • Send transcripts, SoP (Statement of Purpose), and other documents on the official administration website.
  • If you've been selected for the program, you will be sent an acceptance letter that you can accept or deny.
  • If you receive the admission letter, your next step is to apply for a Student Visa.

Most students who want to study abroad feel puzzled and have queries that need to be solved. They're overwhelmed by the requirements and procedures. If you are an international student and feel the same as the others, then you can use the services of overseas education consultants like Srilanka. We are a leading study abroad consultant, and we can provide you with assistance to make the procedures more accessible for you to follow. With us, you are assured that you will gain the necessary knowledge of your desired coursework and even the available universities. Our services include the required documentation, such as a Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation. 

Top Recruitment

Here is a list of the top recruiters for Hospitality Management: 

  • Compass Corporation UK, Ireland
  • Whitbread, PLC
  • Best Western Red Lion Hotel
  • Hilton
  • The Doyle Collection
  • Alpha Leisureplex Corporation
  • Cycas Hospitality
  • IHG Hotels and Resorts
  • Selina

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key advantages of studying hospitality management courses in the UK for international students?
Studying hospitality management in the UK offers international students access to renowned institutions, a rich cultural experience, and a diverse hospitality industry. The UK is known for its high-quality education and global connections.
Which universities and institutions in the UK offer hospitality management courses, and are there specific specializations available?
Many universities and colleges in the UK offer hospitality management courses. Notable institutions include the University of Surrey, Oxford Brookes University, and the University of Strathclyde. S
What are the career prospects for international students who complete hospitality management courses in the UK?
Graduates of hospitality management courses in the UK can pursue careers in various sectors, including hotels, restaurants, event planning, and tourism. The UK's global connections offer opportunities for international placements and diverse career paths.
Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available to international students studying hospitality management in the UK?
Scholarships and financial aid options may be available to international students at UK institutions. Students are encouraged to explore scholarships offered by universities, government programs, and external organisations.
Can international students work part-time while studying hospitality management in the UK, and what are the regulations?
Yes, international students in the UK are typically allowed to work part-time during their studies. The specific regulations and number of hours permitted may vary based on the type of visa and institution. Students should check with their universities and the UK Home Office for details.

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