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MSc Data Science in UK for International Students

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Blog Summary Explore MSc data science programs in the UK, equipping international students with data analytics skills for various industries.

Studying Data Science, or Data Analytics, in the UK is gaining popularity among international students. It is an essential part of the IT industry. It focuses on recording, storing, and analysing data to extract meaningful insights and manage data sets. According to a study, Data Science skills are the most demanded among the other jobs in the UK. It is one of the most rapidly growing fields offering job opportunities to student graduates of MSc Data Science.

Benefits of Studying MSc Data Science in UK?

  1. Data Science is essential for the functioning of any organisation. Whether it is a small or large company, its strategies and marketing tactics are always based on data-driven insights.
  2. The demand for data specialists is increasing, yet the supply remains low. This situation creates excellent job opportunities for those who are within the field.
  3. Great salaries are offered to data analytic professionals. Entry-level salaries can go between 24,000 and 25,000 GBP, while those on the management level can have 60,000 GBP and above.
  4. A graduate of MSc Data Science in the UK can work in various industries, including Business Intelligence, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Data Assurance, Data Quality, and higher education.
  5. Data specialists can become a part of the company's decision-making team.
  6. This is a unique and important role and an enriching career.
  7. It offers many freelancing opportunities. The job in Data Science is mainly IT-based, so a specialist can do work from any part of the world, widening one's sources of income.
  8. The UK is one of the best countries to study MS in Data Science. Many UK universities offer Data Science courses to international students, and the quality of education is very high.
  9. Graduates of Data Analytic courses in the UK can improve their statistical learning techniques, giving them a sound knowledge of applied data.

Best Universities to Study MSc Data Science in UK

  •  Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Warwick
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Birmingham

 Cost of Studying MSc Data Science in UK

Suppose you plan to study MSc Data Science in the UK. In that case, you need to be prepared for three expenses: the Pre-Arrival cost, which you need to spend for various applications and exams before you arrive in the country. These costs include IELTS registration, UK student visa fee, airfare, and others. The second and third expenses would be the tuition fees and the cost of living in the UK as an international student.

Tuition Fees

Name of University



Tuition Fee

Cardiff Metropolitan University

MSc Data Science

12 -18 months

20,000 GBP

University of Liverpool

MSc Business Analytic and Big Data

1 year

25,050 GBP

University of Southampton

MSc Data & Decision Analytics

1 year

28,000 GBP

University of Glasgow

MSc Data Analytics

1 year

25,750 GBP

University of Leeds

MSc Data Science & Analytics

1 year

25,000 GBP

University of Warwick

Masters in Data Analytics

1 year

10,430 GBP

London School of Economics & Political Science

MSc in Data Science

1 year

32,200 GBP

University College London

MSs Data Science

1 year

29,400 GBP

University of Edinburgh 

MSc Data Science

1 year

32,500 GBP

Imperial College London

MSc Statistics (Data Science) 

1 year

35,000 GBP

Note: Tuition fees are reviewed by universities every year. The above information is only for general guidance and can be deemed accurate at the time of writing, and universities cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy.

Cost of Living in UK

As a foreign student, you need to book your accommodations, and you must have enough funding in place before you arrive at the university and start your course of study. Besides your tuition fees, you need to prepare for living expenses such as accommodations, books/stationery, social costs, etc.

Below is an estimate of the minimum monthly amount you should expect for living in the UK as an international student. 


Estimated Amount (in GBP)

Accommodation (halls of residence, usually Including bills)

400 - 600

Private accommodation (bills not included)

320 - 530

Bills (electric/gas/water)

40 - 50


160 - 200

Mobile Phone

15 - 50




10 - 20



Socialising/Going Out


Travel & Transport (student’s bus pass)


Note: The above amounts are on a per person basis only and could be more or less depending on your spending habits and lifestyle in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria to Study MSc Data Science in UK

Applying international students should:

  1. Have a background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or Data Sciences.
  2. Undergraduate degree or equivalent in a relevant area with a classification of a minimum of 2:2
  3. IELTS score of 6.5 standards is required
  4. 2:1 Honours degree in Engineering, Science, Management and related disciplines, or equivalent.
  5. 2:1 Bachelor's degree with quantitative training (like computer science, Engineering, Economics, Math, and Physics.
  6. Have at least 50% marks in the entrance exam, IIT JAM, ITM NEST, IPU CET. You can apply online for these exams.
  7. Subjects should include Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. If you have Computer Science as an additional subject of study, this is an advantage.
  8. Above 17 years of age at the time of admission.

Scholarships to Study MSc Data Science in UK

It could be a daunting task for international students to fund education in the UK. However, it is good news that universities offer plenty of scholarships and grants to help them with their financial needs. Some of these scholarships are listed below, together with eligibility requirements and the offered amount.

Name of University



Award Amount (in GBP)

University of Edinburgh

John Fisher High Performance (HPC)

60% or above in Bachelor’s Enrollment in School of Informatics Master’s Prog.

50% or tuition fee waiver

King’s College of London

King’s International Scholarship

Enrollment in Post-graduate


University of Bristol

Think Big Postgraduate Scholarship

Enrollment in Postgraduate

5,000 – 20,000

University of Glasgow 

College of Science & Engineering Scholarship

Enrollment in Postgraduate


University of Birmingham 

Birmingham Master’s Scholarship Scheme

Enrollment in Master’s

Tuition fee waiver

Lancaster University 

University’s Master Scholarship

Enrollment in taught Master’s Program


University of Sussex

Chancellor’s International Scholarship 

Enrollment in Master’s Program

Tuition Fee Waiver

Note: Many universities are generous in giving scholarships. Getting it can be difficult, but not impossible. You may be asked to provide additional documentation upon application. Scholarships are a great help to students struggling financially to get an education in prestigious universities in the UK.

How to Apply for MSc Data Science in UK?

The UK student visa is a point-based system. As a student, you need a score of 40 points. It is a simple process to apply for a student visa;

You need to follow the following steps.

  1. Check your eligibility. Tier 4 Visa or the Student Route visa is a requirement. It enables international students to come to the United Kingdom and grab the opportunity for a first-class education.
  2. Arrange your documents. Examples are photos as proof of identity, medical examination report/s, and proof of previous travels. Also required are evidence of your place at the university and an updated English proficiency score.
  3. Apply online on the UK visa website, and pay the application fee. After registering yourself, you can request an interview schedule.
  4. You will need to appear at the designated Visa Application Centre for a facial photograph and fingerprints.
  5. Wait for the approval of your student visa.

It is a simple process, or it seems to be. You would not know how and where to start as a new applicant. This is where AECC Global Sri Lanka comes into the picture. We are a study abroad consultant. We will be thrilled to help students get into some of the most prestigious universities in the UK.

Our experienced counsellors, who were international students themselves, are experts in the education system in the UK. They can provide you with accurate and assured advice about the application process, from the time of your application till the end. 

MSc Data Science Jobs in UK

The UK is an ideal place to work if you want to be hired in a data scientist job or any related job. There are many job opportunities to find, and some of the world's best AI firms are domiciled in the United Kingdom. The salaries are also higher than in the other industries.

Job Profile

Salary in GBP

Jr. Data Specialist

60,000 - 65,000

Associate Data Scientist

28,000 - 35,000

Data Scientist

60,000 - 70,000

Research Data Scientist

34,000 - 57,000

Data Scientist & Advance Analyst

50,000 - upwards

Analytics Manager


Data Systems Developer

65,000 - 80,000

Functional Analyst

40,000 - upwards

So if you are feeling quite uncertain about your options and actions to take for your study abroad goal, contact AECC Global Sri Lanka at You might be overwhelmed trying to find the right UK university for your MSc Data Science course. We can listen to you and help you work through your options while paying attention to what you intend to achieve from your international education. So get in touch and let us help make your dream of studying at a UK university come true.Please book your free consultation with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of MSc Data Science programs for international students in the UK?
MSc Data Science programs in the UK typically cover topics like data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization, preparing students for data-driven careers.
Which universities in the UK offer MSc Data Science programs for international students?
Universities such as the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, and the University of Manchester are known for their MSc Data Science programs.
What are the admission requirements for international students applying to MSc Data Science programs in the UK?
Admission requirements usually include a relevant bachelor's degree, proficiency in mathematics or computer science, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and English language proficiency through IELTS or TOEFL.
Are there scholarships or funding opportunities available for international students pursuing MSc Data Science in the UK?
Some universities and organizations offer scholarships, grants, or financial aid to international students pursuing data science programs. Applicants should research available options
What career prospects can international students expect after completing an MSc Data Science program in the UK?
Graduates can pursue roles such as data analyst, machine learning engineer, data scientist, or business intelligence analyst in various industries.

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