pte preparation
pte preparation

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

PTE is one of the most prominent English proficiency tests and holds a great role in your university admissions. As such, it is essential that you plan and prepare early so that you will get enough time. You can read further to get more information on PTE preparation.

What is the Time for PTE Preparation?

It takes between 4 and 6 weeks to prepare for the PTE test with constant practice.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

We have given a few tips you can use to prepare for the PTE exam.
  • Have a target score in mind.
  • Learn in detail about the test format.
  • Have an idea of the scoring system.
  • Finalise your preparation resources.

Score Big in English Proficiency Exams


How to Prepare for PTE Exam at Home?

It is not always necessary to prepare for your PTE exam from outside sources. You can even prepare a strategy and learn on your own. You can adopt the following ways.
  1. Prepare a schedule for your preparation.
  2. Learn at your own pace.
  3. Read all articles and newspapers that come your way.
  4. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts.
  5. Get online coaching.
  6. Attempt mock tests online.

Course Books for PTE

These are some PTE study materials that students can refer to while preparing for the PTE exam. We have given a list of some of the best books you can refer to.
  1. The Official Guide to PTE Academic
  2. Practice Tests Plus
  3. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1
  4. Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B2

PTE Study Plan

PTE exam preparation time differs for each and every one. It is good to set up a timetable where you can focus on the tasks. As the saying goes, the earlier, the better, so start preparing 4-6 weeks prior. If you want to cover every task in detail, you'll need to study for three hours a day, six days a week, for approximately four weeks. 

Begin your practice with Read-Aloud tasks. Perform at least two PTE tests of the Read Aloud task type, each with at least 20 questions. Similarly, practise the following task types for the Speaking section: Repeat Sentences, Describe Images, Re-tell Lecture, and Answer Short Questions. After completing the task types test, you must take at least three section-by-section tests of the Speaking portion with a scorecard to understand your skill level in the segment and the faults you are making.

Repeat for each activity type and segment of Writing, Reading and Listening. Once you've done all of the sectional practices, take an unscored practice test to familiarise yourself with the entire exam and to get a feel for it.

PTE Scholarships

Students can finally realise their dreams thanks to the availability of several scholarships and school loans. Scholarships, as well as other fellowships, are accessible on the official website of each college and are granted to worthy students on a regular basis. Students can also obtain education loans from financial entities in order to study abroad. PTE is recognised by practically all universities and is approved by the Home Office for all visa and immigration applications. Students can take the test at one of the test centres or any of the 250+ test centres in the global network. Students must go to a facility that offers PTE Academic for UK Visas & Immigration if they need to take a Secure English Language Test (SELT) for the visa.

We have covered all details regarding the PTE preparation. It is always advisable to have a well-defined study plan so that you achieve your dream score. Scoring high will increase the chances of getting selected to your preferred university for your desired course.

FAQs for PTE Preparations

What is the best way to prepare for my next PTE Academic test?

The best way to prepare for any test, including PTE Academic, would be to have a plan in mind. The plan should include a timetable covering the entire syllabus while leaving plenty of time for practice papers. Topics that are difficult for you should be given extra attention, while easy sections should be solved.


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